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Accidents and injuries on construction sites are fairly common, but they can be incredibly serious in some cases, even deadly. You can talk to an attorney about how to get financial compensation from the people responsible.

The nature of your injuries depends on the kind of work you do on the construction site, but certain causes of injuries are fairly common across many cases. Falls, defective tools, and crushing accidents are some of the leading causes of construction-related injuries. Depending on how you were injured, your damages might be significant. An attorney can help you assess the value of your economic losses and non-economic injuries. You also need to find evidence to help you prove your claims for damages. Much evidence might come from the construction site, but other possible sources should be explored with your attorney. Our team can help you calculate your damages, find the evidence you need, and effectively argue for the compensation you deserve.

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Possible Causes of Construction Accidents and Injuries in Revere

Construction zones are known for being dangerous, and it is normal to see lots of yellow tape and “Keep Out” signs posted around construction sites. Sometimes, construction areas are too dangerous even for workers, and bad accidents can happen.

Falls are among the most common accidents on construction projects. Workers are frequently atop high places like ladders, scaffolding, and rooftops. If safety equipment does not work properly, a worker could fall. Depending on how high they were, the fall could be extremely serious, possibly deadly.

Construction workers rely on their tools and safety gear to get the job done. If workers are unknowingly using faulty tools, accidents become a real possibility. For example, suppose a worker is using a circular saw on a construction project, but they do not realize the saw was improperly assembled and defective. A malfunction could cause the blade to badly injure the worker. Alternatively, a worker might be badly hurt if safety gear meant to prevent accidents (e.g., hard hats, goggles, emergency off switches) does not work.

Another tragically common accident on construction sites is crushing accidents. These accidents, also called caught-betweens, sometimes happen when workers accidentally get stuck between heavy objects. For example, a forklift operator might not realize another worker is behind them when they are backing up, and the other worker might be pinned to the wall and painfully squeezed or crushed.

How to Evaluate Your Damages for a Construction Accident in Revere

Injured construction workers often experience serious financial, emotional, and professional difficulties after an accident. Not only are injuries extremely painful, but many injured workers cannot return to work and often deal with significant emotional trauma. Our team knows how to assess damages and can assist you.

One big part of your overall damages is your economic damages and losses. These are all the losses and injuries that can be measured by the money they cost. Medical expenses are some of the most prominent costs associated with construction accidents, and no treatment costs should be overlooked. We can also account for the income you lose because you can no longer work and the cost of replacing your damaged tools or equipment.

The other component of your damages is your non-economic injuries. These can be challenging to assess because they are based on subjective experiences and are usually unconnected to money or financial costs. Your mental anguish, physical pain, humiliation, and damage to your professional reputation as a construction worker may be claimed here.

Evidence to Prove Your Claims in a Construction Accident Case in Revere

We need some showing of evidence to back up your allegations and damages claims in your initial complaint. We do not necessarily need to have all possible evidence gathered and accounted for when we submit your complaint, but we should have enough to prove that you have a valid claim.

If defective or damaged tools and equipment caused your accident, we must gather those items for evidence. These pieces of physical evidence are key to proving how your injuries happened. We can show a jury and the court how they were defective and why they were so dangerous.

If there is not much physical evidence in your case – which is not unusual – we might rely on footage from security cameras from the construction site. Many construction sites are monitored with cameras, which might have recorded your accident. Depending on what is in the footage, our construction accident and injury attorneys might have evidence of how the accident happened, who was there, and who is responsible.

Construction jobs are normally populated with numerous workers. It is likely that a coworker or two saw your accident unfold before their eyes, and they can provide us with valuable witness testimony. Even if your coworkers did not personally see the accident, they might have first-hand knowledge about other important factors, like unsafe working conditions or safety violations.

How Our Revere Construction Accident and Injury Lawyers Can Help You

Hiring an attorney should be your top priority after being injured doing construction work. As detailed above, physical evidence, witnesses, and other valuable information must be obtained. Gathering evidence might be impossible from a hospital bed, and that’s where our legal team comes in.

Once we have gathered the evidence we need and your damages are accurately evaluated, we can begin preparing your formal complaint. The complaint is a lot more than a list of allegations and demands for compensation. A formal legal document must adhere to specific rules and procedures.

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