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Truck accidents, even when minor, might seriously injure victims in Randolph. Should this happen to you, our attorneys can take the necessary steps to help you recover compensatory damages.

During the preparation stages of your lawsuit, our attorneys can review the facts of your case with you so that you are prepared to give statements during depositions and otherwise discuss the claim. This is done to ensure statements are consistent and do not unnecessarily harm your case. We will also prepare the necessary information for your case, such as records relating to your medical condition and financial damages. This must be done soon after truck accidents as injury claims must be filed within three years of accidents in Randolph. Our attorneys will draft and file your complaint with the court and ensure it includes the necessary information about your case. If you require continuous treatment for injuries during the course of your claim, get it. Damages related to long-term medical care can be compensated in a truck accident injury lawsuit against a negligent party.

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Preparing for Your Truck Accident Claim in Randolph, MA

Careful preparation is key when it comes to any compensation claim in Randolph. Our attorneys can help you prepare for all that a lawsuit might entail before filing so that you feel comfortable proceeding with your truck accident case.

Lawsuits involve various stages that might require considerable involvement from victims. For example, after filing your claim, you may be deposed and asked questions by the opposing counsel. In the time following a collision, you might be asked to give various statements and, if your case goes to court, might testify at trial. Making sure that your statements are consistent is of the utmost importance, which is why our truck accident lawyers will review the facts of your accident with you so that you are prepared to speak about the event.

Also, in preparation for your lawsuit, our lawyers will organize any documents or information pertaining to your injuries and damages, such as your medical records, past tax returns, and bills from treatment. Reviewing your medical records may be particularly important, as Massachusetts is a no-fault state, meaning only certain victims can sue. According to Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 231, § 6D, victims must prove that their medical damages are in excess of $2,000 or that they sustained a serious injury, such as disfigurement or fractures, to file a motor vehicle accident lawsuit in Randolph

All necessary preparation must be done shortly after a truck crash takes place so that victims can ultimately file within the statute of limitations, which is three years, according to Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 260, § 2A.

What to Include in a Complaint for a Truck Crash in Randolph, MA

Lawsuits are initiated when victims submit official complaints to the court in Randolph. Our attorneys can ensure your complaint and all subsequent filings contain the right information so you do not face any unnecessary delays or disruptions with your case.

Certain rules govern what information must be included in a complaint for a truck accident in Randolph. For example, the names of involved parties must be included. So, if your claim involves the individual truck driver who hit you and their employer, we will ensure this is reflected in the complaint.

Your complaint should also include a brief statement of facts that outline the circumstances of the truck crash. For example, in the event that you were hit because the truck driver negligently merged into your lane without checking their blind spot, we would note that in the complaint. This will then lead into a section where we discuss your need for relief, or the damages you have incurred and require compensation for. Damages recoverable in compensation claims include those related to a victim’s medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. After you file your complaint with the court clerk, the defendant or defendants will be served and notified of the lawsuit.

Getting Long-Term Medical Care for Truck Accident Injuries in Randolph, MA

Because truck accidents tend to cause debilitating injuries and damages to victims in Randolph and elsewhere, getting long-term medical care is often necessary. These costs can be compensated in a lawsuit when victims present the necessary evidence, such as their medical records and testimony from medical experts.

Head, back, and neck injuries, which are common in truck accidents, often require ongoing treatment from specialists. For example, suppose you sustained a spinal cord injury in a collision with a truck. In that case, you might need to get surgery and undergo extensive physical therapy for many years. Or, if you suffered a permanent injury, you might require pain-management care or in-house medical assistance. That is to say, many truck accident victims sustain injuries that cause them economic damages for the rest of their lives.

By getting routine treatment and assessments, you can continue to document your injuries in the weeks and months following an accident. Our attorneys can then enlist medical experts to review your records to determine what care you will likely need in the future. Such testimony can lead to you recovering compensation for medical damages you have not yet incurred. Furthermore, if you cannot return to work at the same earning capacity and will not be able to for some time, you can also get future lost wages compensated.

The impact long-term medical care and permanent injuries have on victims’ lives is not just financial. With evidence of your pain and suffering, you can recover damages for the emotional and mental anguish you have endured because of the defendant’s negligence in Randolph.

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