Protect Yourself from Car Companies

Boston Bus Accident LawyerA recent article from the Washington Post describes a scary situation in which consumers were unaware of the dangerous conditions that existed within their vehicles. it is particularly concerning because when a person purchases a vehicle, they expect it to be secure. Consumers expect their cars to be as safe as possible because they understand that mistakes and problems with cars endanger lives. If you are in a car accident and believe that the mistake may be the result of a manufacturer error, a Boston car accident attorney can assist you in the matter.

The Release of GM’s Internal Probe

General Motors recently released the findings of an internal probe concerning why the company did not recall motor vehicles that contained faulty ignition switches as soon as they discovered the problem. While the company knew that the problem with the ignition switch caused the vehicles to stall, the company claims that it did not realize that the problem also disabled airbags. The company declared that as a result of the internal investigation, 15 employees were no longer associated with the company and five other employees were disciplined. it is particularly disturbing because the report speaks of a culture in which company officials would attend a meeting, agree on a course of action, and then leave the meeting without taking any action. Because of the company not tackling the issue, and not recalling more than 2 million vehicles as soon as possible, there have been links to at least 13 deaths and 54 accidents.

You Cannot Rely on Car Companies

While federal investigators have played an important role in bringing the problem with GM cars to light, it did not help the many people who died or were severely injured as a result of the company’s malfeasance. The problems with the company occurred over a long period of time. Unfortunately, consumers cannot rely on car companies to quickly release information that may pose risks to their health. it is only recently that General Motors assessed and admitted the problems that should have been repaired years ago. During that time, many people had to bring forward lawsuits or go through protracted settlement processes.

An Attorney Will Even the Playing Field

While the CEO of the company has vowed to take action so that such an event never occurs again at General Motors, whenever you are involved in an accident and you believe that the accident may be due to some type of defect, you should immediately contact an attorney. an attorney will help level the playing field and do due diligence in hiring whatever experts are necessary to prove your claim. it can be an intimidating process when you are fighting against a wealthy auto manufacturer with significant resources, but hiring an attorney will provide you with relief and expertise. If you are in Massachusetts and are in a traffic accident, you should contact our Wakefield car accident lawyers. We have a sterling reputation in traffic accidents and can aid you today.

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