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Car accidents happen all the time. Many people are lucky enough to walk away with no injuries and only minor vehicle damages. Others are more badly hurt, and getting compensation from the other driver is the only way to make ends meet for some.

When suing after a car accident, you and your attorney must accurately assess your damages so you know what kind of compensation you deserve. Damages may include medical costs, property damage, lost income from being unable to work, and emotional distress. To get fair compensation, you need evidence of the defendant’s negligence. Photos and video from the crash site, witnesses, and records about your damages and injuries are critical to your case. While every accident is unique, common factors tend to crop up frequently. Many accidents involve speed, alcohol, and routine traffic violations. Although car accidents are common, they are rarely simple. You should hire a lawyer to help you argue for compensation while you recover from your injuries.

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Potential Damages in Car Accidents Cases in Plymouth, MA

Your damages are the losses and expenses you want to be compensated after a car accident. While many damages are based on actual amounts of money spent or lost, other damages are unrelated to money and are far more subjective. Assessing damages can be tricky, and our car accident attorneys can help you make sure nothing is overlooked so you get the maximum compensation possible.

Monetary damages include bills and expenses you incurred because of the accident. Hospital bills are often the largest contributor to these kinds of damages. The more severe your injuries, the higher your hospital bills, and the greater your damages should be. If you are still undergoing treatment and expect to continue treatment for some time, you can estimate the value of future medical costs and add it to your overall damages.

A lot of car accident victims have to take an extended break from their jobs. While some people are lucky enough to have their time away paid for by their employer, many others are not. You should claim the income you lose as part of your damages, including lost future income if you cannot return to work for the foreseeable future.

Emotional distress and other painful experiences are common in car accident cases. Severe accidents often leave survivors somewhat traumatized, and the trauma has a ripple effect across their lives and mental health. The greater the impact of the accident on your mental and emotional state, the greater your damages and compensation should be.

How to Gather Evidence to Support Your Claims in a Plymouth, MA Car Accident Case

Gathering evidence can be an unpredictable process. Some are lucky enough to have plenty of evidence at the outset of their case. Others must scrounge for even the slightest hint of useful evidence. Remember, a lack of evidence does not necessarily mean your claims are invalid. Evidence has a nasty habit of disappearing if not collected fast enough, so you and your lawyer should act quickly.

One excellent place to begin your search for evidence is at the location of the crash. While you and your lawyer can return to the crash site later, evidence can be collected immediately after the accident. Take photos and videos of the scene and jot down notes about what you see. These details might come up later in your case, and your recordings might be important pieces of evidence.

Physical evidence might also be important. For example, if the accident happened because your brakes were defective, we can present the defective brakes as physical evidence.

Witnesses are another crucial component of your case. Eyewitnesses are those who saw the accident and can testify about it in court. An eyewitness might be able to explain how they saw the other driver cause the accident or shed light on other important details. Other witnesses might not have been present at the accident but still have firsthand knowledge relevant to the case.

Not only do you need evidence of the defendant’s negligence, but you also need evidence of your damages. Medical records can help you prove the extent, severity, and cost of your physical injuries. This is especially important when your injuries are not outwardly visible or you have recovered since the crash.

Types of Car Accidents People Often Sue For in Plymouth, MA

How a crash happened is important to determining who is at fault. There might be numerous possible accidents and various factors that must be considered. One very common accident is a rear-end crash. These kinds of accidents often happen at intersections when a vehicle is stopped at a light or sign, and another driver hits them from behind. Some rear-end crashes are minor fender-benders. Others are more severe. In some cases, drivers have been pushed into oncoming traffic and hit by more cars.

Accidents related to speed are also extremely common. Speed is a major causational factor in lots of different accidents. Speeding is generally unsafe, and speeding in poor driving conditions (e.g., bad weather, wet roads, ice) is a recipe for disaster. The higher the defendant’s speed at the time of the crash, the more severe the accident will probably be.

Unfortunately, alcohol is another common cause of many accidents. Drunk drivers often experience delayed reflexes, blurry vision, and a serious impairment of judgment. Behind the wheel, this is a perfect storm of bad conditions that often lead to bad accidents.

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