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When construction accidents happen in Norwood, we can help victims get the compensatory damages they deserve from negligent parties.

While there are many causes of construction accidents in Norwood, falls, slips, and trips are some of the top causes. Explosions, electrical fires, falling objects, and car accidents, are other common reasons for these types of accidents as well. Such accidents can lead to serious injuries, like head injuries, back injuries, and crushing injuries. We can review your case to determine if you can file a third-party workplace accident lawsuit in Massachusetts. As we build your case, we can carefully track your losses so that we have ample proof of damages to submit as evidence in your construction accident lawsuit.

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Top Causes of Construction Accidents in Norwood, MA

For the fiscal year 2022, the most common Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) violations were for a lack of fall protection in the construction industry. Scaffolding violations are also common, and scaffolding accidents happen because of poor maintenance or a lack of fall protection, like harnesses.

Other common causes of construction accidents include defective machinery, electrical fires, entrapment, and falling objects. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the construction industry accounted for over 46% of all fatal slips, trips, and falls in the workplace in 2021, illustrating just how dangerous falling accidents in the construction industry can be.

Roadside construction crews are at risk of injury from negligent drivers. In these situations, victims might be able to sue at-fault drivers for compensation. Our lawyers can confirm if your damages or injuries enable you to sue for pain and suffering as well as economic damages under Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 231, § 6D.

Most Common Construction Accident Injuries in Norwood, MA

Construction accident injuries vary, depending on the specific circumstances at hand. For example, if a piece of machinery explodes, shrapnel might hit a victim, causing vision loss or permanent scarring. Falls from scaffolding often cause broken bone injuries in addition to traumatic brain injuries.

If heavy machinery, like a forklift or crane topples over, construction workers might get trapped between or beneath vehicles, sustaining crushing injuries. Serious burns from electrical fires or electrocutions also happen.

Other common construction accident injuries in Norwood include fractures, dismemberment, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, and neck injuries. Even injuries that seem minor initially, like repetitive motion injuries, might worsen over time.

Falling objects might injure those passing by a construction site. If you were hurt as a passerby and not as an employee, we can help you file a claim against the negligent construction site in question.

Filing Third-Party Construction Accident Lawsuits in Norwood, MA

Negligence in construction accidents is a complex issue. Who the negligent party is will dictate if you can file a lawsuit in Norwood. Because of this, our lawyers will examine whether or not a party other than your employer was negligent.

For example, if a manufacturer distributed a defective product to the construction company in question, and that product malfunctioned, causing your injuries, you could sue the negligent manufacturer for compensation. Third-party work injury claims can compensate victims for all damages due to an accident, including non-economic damages.

Other third-party construction accident lawsuits arise from car accidents on roadside construction sites. If a negligent driver hurt you, our construction accident lawyers can gather evidence to prove you are eligible to file a car accident claim for pain and suffering. To do so, victims must have medical damages in excess of $2,000 or have sustained a serious injury that cause death, whole or partial loss of a body member, permanent and serious disfigurement, hearing loss, sight loss, or fractures.

You must bring your third-party work injury lawsuit by the deadline in Massachusetts, which is three years under Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 260, § 2A. Victims who miss this deadline risk having their claims dismissed by the court.

How to Keep Track of Your Damages from a Construction Accident in Norwood, MA

Keeping track of your damages due to a construction accident is important. Without records confirming your losses, you cannot prove your need for compensation in Norwood.

Note the first day you cannot work because of the accident and inform your employer about your injuries right away. They should track your missed time from work and give that information to their Workers’ Compensation carrier. We can also calculate your lost wages ourselves by referring to your income prior to the accident and estimating how long you will be unable to return to your previous job in Norwood.

Regarding your medical damages, we can keep a running tab on all the costs associated with your injuries and add them to your total economic damages. Report all expenses to our lawyers, from your first visit to the emergency room after the accident to your most recent visit with doctors.

Because construction accidents often leave victims with debilitating injuries, they might need medical care past the conclusions of their claims. If you file a third-party work injury lawsuit, our lawyers can get medical experts to testify about your anticipated future care so that you recover compensation for future damages as well.

In some cases, punitive damages are available. For example, if a drunk driver ran into your roadside construction site in Norwood, that might be grossly negligent, making punitive damages a possibility. We can assess the specifics of your case to confirm which damages you can recover so that you can estimate your award following a construction accident in Norwood.

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