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People who ride motorcycles are especially vulnerable to injuries in accidents. They are not protected inside an enclosed vehicle, so severe injuries are more likely. If you are an injured motorcycle rider, an attorney can help you get fair compensation from the negligent driver who hit you.

Motorcycle accidents can happen almost anywhere but can be particularly dangerous on major highways around Milton, such as Route 138 or I-93. Riders should also exercise caution in places with more traffic, like Curry College or Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital. Speeding drivers, distractions on the road, and ordinary traffic violations are the usual suspects when it comes to motorcycle crashes. Injuries tend to be serious. Broken bones, lacerations, soft-tissue damage, spinal cord injuries, and even brain damage are all possible. To prove negligence, we need evidence from the accident. Videos, photos, medical records, and witnesses might all play a role. Talk to a lawyer soon, as you have a limited time to take legal action.

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How and Where Motorcycle Crashes Might Occur Around Milton, MA

People often assume that motorcycle riders are dangerous and that crashes are often their fault. In reality, motorcycle riders understand how dangerous riding can be and are more likely to take proper precautions. It is other drivers in cars who are negligent and often cause accidents.

Motorcycle accidents can occur on any road or highway. Major highways tend to be incredibly risky because cars move much faster, and the risk of serious injuries is higher. For example, motorcycle accidents on major highways in Milton, like Route 138, Route 28, Blue Hill Ave, or I-93, which runs through East Milton, might lead to severe injuries and high damages.

Other places tend to see a lot of traffic for other reasons, and motorcycle riders should exercise caution. For example, Curry College is home to thousands of students. Young drivers tend to be less experienced and more likely to cause accidents. Also, accidents sometimes occur around Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital. People in emergencies might be speeding to the hospital and cause an accident with a motorcycle rider.

While motorcycle accidents have many causes, your attorney might review a few common causes that tend to come up more often. For example, many motorcycle collisions are related to speeding drivers, common traffic violations, or distractions behind the wheel. Talk to your lawyer about how you believe the crash occurred.

Injuries and Damages in Milton, MA Motorcycle Crash Cases

Since motorcycle riders are not protected inside an enclosed vehicle when an accident occurs, they are more prone to serious injuries. Even when helmets and other safety gear help minimize injuries, they can still be painful.

Broken bones, lacerations, bruising, and soft-tissue injuries are common. These types of injuries tend to heal fully in time, and complications tend to be minimal. Even so, these injuries may still be very painful and seriously disrupt your life. Treating these injuries may also be quite expensive, even if they are considered “minor.”

More serious injuries often associated with motorcycle accidents include spinal cord injuries and brain injuries. These injuries often come with severe, long-lasting complications. Spinal cord damage may lead to permanent paralysis, and brain damage often causes serious cognitive disabilities. People with these injuries often live with them forever and incur significant debt from years of medical treatment.

In addition to medical expenses, our motorcycle accident lawyers will evalaute the cost of your damaged motorcycle. You might need to pay for expensive repairs or an entirely new bike. Either way, the costs might be more than you can afford.

As if all these expenses were not bad enough, you might also lose income if you are too injured to return to work. Many motorcycle accident victims end up missing work and losing income at a time when they need it the most. You may claim your lost income as part of your damages.

In addition to economic losses, we should also claim non-economic injuries like pain and suffering. The pain of your injuries might be excruciating, and the emotional toll of the accident might impact various areas of your life. People living with long-term medical complications might have a hard time coming to terms with how their lives have changed, and non-economic damages might be quite high.

How Soon After a Motorcycle Accident Should I File a Lawsuit in Milton, MA?

If you are considering filing an injury lawsuit after a motorcycle crash, you should speak to a lawyer sooner rather than later. According to Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 260 § 2A, a potential plaintiff has only 3 years from the date of the accident to file an injury lawsuit. This might be a much tighter deadline than you realize, as the clock starts ticking on the day of the accident.

It is normal for people to wait a while before initiating legal action. You might need time to recover from your injuries and the shock of the accident. You might need even more time to explore legal options, find a qualified lawyer, and make an informed decision about what you want to do next. The longer you wait, the less time you and your attorney have to prepare your case.

Once you speak to a lawyer, you might spend months or longer getting the case ready. If the case is particularly complicated and the defendant is unwilling to settle or disputes almost everything, preparing the strongest case possible might take a long time. It is best to reach out to an attorney as soon as possible after an accident. Contact a lawyer even if you are unsure of what you want to do. Your lawyer can help you make a decision.

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