Massachusetts Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

The spinal cord is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. This bundle of nerves and bone that run through your back are critical in nearly every bodily function, from sensing pain to standing or walking. Treating a spinal cord injury could also be costly. The specialized medical care necessary to take on these injuries can have an enormous price tag, and the treatments could last for years.

To learn more about recovering damages to offset these expenses, contact a Massachusetts spinal cord injury lawyer. An experienced catastrophic attorney may be able to accurately estimate the total amount of damages owed to you and help you prepare a convincing compensation claim.

Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

Not every spinal cord injury would result in a viable injury claim. In order for a plaintiff to recover compensation for their injuries, the damage to their spinal cord must result from another person’s negligence. A spinal cord injury lawyer in Massachusetts could review the facts surrounding a spinal injury to identify the negligent parties responsible for a spinal injury. The following include some of the common causes of spinal cord injuries:

Motor Accidents

Of all potential causes of a spinal injury, vehicular accidents are by far the primary cause. According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, nearly 40 percent of all spinal injuries result from a vehicle crash. These injuries are common given the large mass and high velocity of most passenger vehicles.

Fall Accidents

The second major cause of spine injuries is fall accidents. Approximately 30 percent of all spinal injuries result from a fall. These injuries can occur in a public place, at a private residence, or at work.

Violent Crime

Violent crime is the third most common cause of a spinal injury. While any form of criminal assault could lead to a serious injury, the vast majority of spinal injuries caused by violence involve gunshot wounds. These acts of violence make up 13 percent of all spinal injuries.

Medical and Surgical Errors

Complications from surgery or other medical treatment round out the top five causes of spinal cord injuries. Surgery patients are especially vulnerable, which renders a medical error during surgery especially devastating. More than 5 percent of spinal injuries stem from medical complications.

Statute of Limitations in a Massachusetts Spinal Injury Case

Like all states, Massachusetts has adopted a statute of limitations for all spinal cord injury cases. The statute of limitations prevents a plaintiff from filing a lawsuit after a set amount of time. The purpose of this statute is to prevent delay before injury suits.

In Massachusetts, the time limit to file a paralysis injury lawsuit is three years from the date of the injury. If a plaintiff files a lawsuit after that time limit has expired, the court has the power to dismiss the case permanently. The exceptions to this time limit are few and can be best explained during a consultation with a Massachusetts spinal injury attorney.

Call a Massachusetts Spinal Injury Attorney to Discuss Your Claim

If you have sustained an injury to your spine, you are entitled to pursue damages from the person or entity responsible. Taking on a spinal cord case may seem daunting. Thankfully, you never have to seek justice on your own. To discuss how a Massachusetts spinal cord injury lawyer could help you pursue compensation for your injuries, call as soon as possible.