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While motorcycles are capable of traveling at the same speeds as much larger cars and trucks, they take up much less space on the roads and are potentially less visible to drivers who are distracted or in a hurry. They also provide less protection to riders and passengers. that means that motorcycle accidents in Malden could result in more serious injuries than collisions between two enclosed vehicles of similar size.

If you are suffering injuries from a motorcycle accident and need legal assistance, it is wise to work with an experienced Malden motorcycle accident lawyer who understands the unique aspects of these cases. a dedicated Malden motorcycle accident injury attorney could advise you on how to protect your rights and the options for seeking compensation to offset the effects of the accident. Call (617) 925-6407 today.

Who is Liable in a Motorcycle Accident in Malden, MA?

The person responsible for the accident should be the one to shoulder the financial burden. When someone causes a crash, he or she failed to act responsibly, and it is that failure to live up to obligations that may result in liability for the outcome of the accident.

Failing to act responsibly and show the proper amount of care owed to others on the road can be considered negligence. When negligence causes collisions that result in injuries, the negligent person or his or her employer may be required to pay compensation. it may be difficult to determine the cause or causes of an accident, and more than one person may share in the responsibility.

Even if you think you may be partially responsible for the collision, you still have options. When a motorcyclist contributes to the cause of the accident but is not responsible for more than half of the accident, the comparative negligence rule says he or she may receive a reduced amount of compensation. a Malden attorney could help determine who is at fault for the motorcycle accident.

Determining Compensation for Malden Motorcycle Crashes

While it may be possible to obtain adequate recovery directly from your own insurance company, often it is necessary to file a lawsuit to recover the full amount of compensation to which you are entitled. a skilled Malden motorcycle accident attorney may be to help recover damages for:

  • Wages lost due to the accident
  • Mental anguish
  • Therapy costs (physical and emotional)
  • Decreased quality of life
  • Medical costs
  • Pain and suffering

A comprehensive claim will generally consider damages that include economic losses and those that are intangible. a seasoned motorcycle accident attorney in  Malden could help calculate the costs of past, present, and future needs and effects to determine whether a settlement offer is fair.

Work with a Malden Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today If You Were Injured

A motorcycle accident may result in long-term consequences. When you work with a Boston motorcycle accident lawyer who is thoroughly familiar with these claims, your attorney could help anticipate and account for the different effects and make sure any claim considers all of them.

While a motorcycle accident could ruin your day or even your year, it should not ruin your life. with help from an accomplished motorcycle accident attorney, you could focus on healing and moving forward while your legal advocate takes care of paperwork, insurance statements, questions, and other concerns. to learn what may be possible in your case and how a knowledgeable Malden personal injury attorney can help, call (617) 925-6407 now.