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Those who file Workers’ Compensation insurance claims can recover damages for medical bills and lost wages associated with their on-the-job injuries. Most types of injuries and illnesses are covered. Furthermore, claimants are not required to prove that other parties are to blame.

Still, filing a Workers’ Compensation claim may be a tiresome and frustrating process. Claimants must present a great deal of information pertaining to the circumstances of their accidents. Furthermore, some insurers may be reluctant to pay the full value of workers’ claims. The guidance and support of our lawyers can be valuable when building your case and fighting for fair payment.

If you need to file a Workers’ Compensation claim in Lowell, MA, then you should get help going after available benefits. Reach out to The Law Office of John J. Sheehan’s Workers’ Compensation attorneys by contacting us at (617) 925-6407. Our lawyers will provide a free case review.

Types of Benefits Available to Workers’ Compensation Claimants in Lowell, MA

There are multiple categories of benefits that can be sought through Workers’ Compensation insurance. For instance, any of the following damages may be pursued:

  • Total incapacity benefits
  • Partial incapacity benefits
  • Permanent and total incapacity benefits
  • Benefits for specific injuries

The type and amount of payment awarded in your case will depend on the severity of the injuries you suffered. During your free case assessment, our Workers’ Compensation attorneys will explain which of the aforementioned damages you may recover.

Common Injuries Caused by Workplace Accidents in Lowell, MA

There are several different types of injuries that can result from accidents that occur at work. The type of injury you suffered can impact the type of benefits awarded in your case. The following injuries commonly result from workplace accidents in Lowell, MA:

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries usually happen because of external blows to the head. Accordingly, vehicle accidents, falling accidents, and strikes from falling objects are all common sources of traumatic brain injuries.

Workers who sustain traumatic brain injuries may have trouble performing the same duties that they tended to before their accidents. Fortunately, claimants with these injuries can pursue payment for their lost earning capacity in the future.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Injuries to soft tissue – muscles, tendons, and ligaments – can be very debilitating and painful. If you experienced a soft tissue injury while at work, then you should call our lawyers quickly. Our Workers’ Compensation attorneys can help pursue payment for any medical bills and lost wages related to the harm you incurred.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Those who suffer spinal cord injuries may experience severe immobility or even total paralysis. Accordingly, the damages stemming from these injuries can be devastating. Claimants with spinal cord injuries can connect with our attorneys for guidance on the route to recovery.

Broken Bones

Broken bone injuries can be excruciating. In severe cases such as those involving compound fractures and crush injuries, victims with broken bones may need surgical treatment. If you incurred a broken bone because of an accident at work, our Workers’ Compensation attorneys can help find the right doctors for you.


Burns can happen because of fires and explosions at work. However, workers can also sustain burns because of contact with hot metals, dangerous chemicals, and hot liquids. These are some of the most painful types of harm people can suffer. After suffering a burn injury at work, our team can help build your Workers’ Compensation claim.

Common Sources of Workplace Injuries in Lowell, MA

Workplace injuries can stem from many different types of accidents. The type of accident you suffered may impact the path to compensation in your case. Our Workers’ Compensation attorneys can help pursue payment for injuries related to any of the ensuing sources of harm:

Vehicle Accidents

A great number of workers are hurt each year because of vehicle accidents. For example, the driver of a delivery truck may suffer serious injuries because of a crash caused by a careless motorist. Furthermore, worker on a construction site may sustain serious injuries as the result of an accident caused by a careless backhoe operator. In any case, victims of workplace vehicle accidents can recover payment for the injuries they sustained.

Falling Accidents

Falls are also a very common type of workplace accident. Roofers, construction workers, line workers, and arborists are all examples of workers that have a high propensity to suffer such accidents. After being hurt as the result of falls suffered at work, victims may be able to recover benefits through Workers’ Compensation.

Dangerous Tools and Machinery

Furthermore, many workers are injured because of dangerous tools and machinery. As an example, a construction worker may incur a puncture wound while working with a nail gun. Additionally, a restaurant worker may sustain a laceration while handling a sharp knife. In such cases, injured employees can recover payment for the workplace injuries they sustained.

Handling Heavy Objects

Lastly, many workers suffer injuries after pulling, pushing, lifting, carrying, or lowering heavy objects. Factors workers, warehouse workers, and construction workers are especially prone to suffering these accidents. If you were hurt because you had to handle a heavy object at work, then you should contact our Workers’ Compensation attorneys for guidance. Our team of experienced attorneys will help build your claim.

If You Are Injured Because of an Accident at Work in Lowell, MA, Our Lawyers Can Help

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