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When recovering from serious injuries after a construction accident in Haverhill, victims may be able to file a lawsuit against a negligent third party. In rare cases, injured workers can sue their employers for negligence.

Following a construction accident in Haverhill, victims can document their injuries by reporting them, taking photos of them, and speaking with eyewitnesses about what they saw. Common injuries sustained in construction accidents in Haverhill include broken bones, head injuries, fractures, eye injuries, and burns. If you are injured as a construction worker, you can only sue your employer directly if they do not have the necessary insurance. If your injuries are due to a negligent third party, like a product manufacturer or driver, you can file a lawsuit for compensation.

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Documenting a Construction Accident in Haverhill, MA

Because construction accidents and the injuries they cause can be life-altering, victims in Haverhill should take several steps to ensure they properly document an incident. This includes reporting and diagnosing your injuries, taking photos of the accident scene, and speaking to eyewitnesses.

Reporting Injuries

If hurt in a construction accident as a worker in Haverhill, you should inform your employer of your injuries. This is best done immediately after an accident so that your employer can create a report of the incident. Our construction accident and injury lawyers can help you inform your employer or the negligent construction site of your injuries if you did not do so immediately after the incident. Call emergency first responders if injuries are severe and require urgent medical attention. Records from paramedics as well as medical records from trips to the emergency room, can support a victim’s future claim for compensation in Haverhill.

Taking Photos

Taking pictures can allow you to further document injuries sustained in a construction accident in Haverhill. Victims can photograph their injuries, the accident scene, or any hazards that caused an incident. Photographs can help get a fuller picture of the scene and reasons for a construction accident. If you notice security cameras in the area, you can attempt to obtain footage that might strengthen your case.

Speaking to Eyewitnesses

Eyewitness testimony can provide insight into a negligent party’s actions or the sequence of events that led to a construction accident in Haverhill. Eyewitnesses might be your fellow employees or passersby that saw the events of your incident unfold. Victims can obtain witnesses’ contact information and get in touch with them in the future through our lawyers to get their statements.

Common Construction Accidents and Injuries in Haverhill

There are several top causes of construction accidents in Haverhill, as well as common injuries victims of these accidents might sustain. They range from traumatic brain injuries to paralysis.

A primary cause of construction accidents in Haverhill is negligent use of equipment and defective equipment. Improperly manufactured or maintained construction equipment might cause explosions that injure workers or passersby.

Another common cause of construction accidents is falls. Workers might slip and fall off a ladder or scaffolding because of a lack of safety harnesses or other protective gear. Falls from significant heights might cause broken bones, spinal cord injuries, or even death.

Lifting heavy equipment or materials might cause back, neck, or shoulder injuries. Similar activities might also result in knee or leg injuries to construction workers in Haverhill.

Construction workers might also sustain repetitive motion injuries, especially if they do intricate electrical or carpentry work on a daily basis. Car accidents are another common reason why construction workers are injured in Haverhill. Getting struck by a car might cause various injuries, including broken bones and head injuries. Eye injuries, burns, and electrocution are also frequent injuries seen in construction accidents in Haverhill.

Paths to Recovery for Haverhill, MA Construction Accident Victims

There may be multiple paths to recovery for victims of construction accidents in Haverhill, depending on the cause of their injuries. These include employer lawsuits and third-party lawsuits. If you wish to file any type of civil action following a construction accident, you will have three years from the date of injury to do so.

Employer Lawsuits

Like many states, Massachusetts deems filing a Workers’ Compensation claim as the sole recovery method for construction workers injured on the job. This typically prevents injured workers from filing a lawsuit directly against their employer for damages in Haverhill. However, if your employer failed to maintain the necessary coverage at the time of your accident, you may be able to sue them directly if their negligence caused your injuries. Employers that comply with insurance requirements are protected from litigation from employees in the event of a construction accident in Haverhill.

Workers are not the only possible victims in a construction accident. Pedestrians or passersby might be struck by falling objects that cause injuries. In these cases, victims can sue a negligent construction company, regardless of whether or not a company has Workers’ Compensation insurance in Haverhill.

Third-Party Lawsuits

When construction accidents and injuries are due to a third party, victims can file a lawsuit for compensation regardless of who they are. These lawsuits will be directed at negligent third parties, not employers. For example, a manufacturer that produced defective construction equipment that caused injuries to a victim can be held liable in a lawsuit in Haverhill.

Other common third-party lawsuits for construction accidents in Haverhill include those directed at negligent drivers. Drivers might speed through construction zones or otherwise act recklessly, striking and injuring workers. In these cases, victims can sue a negligent driver without restriction in Haverhill. The same can be said for victims injured in construction accidents by other third parties.

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