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Even the most mundane of workplaces have some risk of accidents, but construction jobs are especially dangerous. When workers are injured, they should speak to attorneys about how to get compensation for their injuries and damages.

Damages in construction accident cases can be very high since injuries are known to be severe. Many injured workers encounter high medical costs and deep psychological scars that take years to heal. An attorney can help you figure out who should be held responsible. While employers, including general contractors and subcontractors, are often responsible for on-the-job accidents, property owners or certain third parties might be liable, depending on the circumstances. To prove the defendant is responsible, we need evidence from the accident. Photos, videos from the construction site, and witness testimony about the accident may be extremely important. You should speak to an attorney as soon as possible to prepare your complaint, assess damages, and gather evidence before it is lost.

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Damages and Injuries in Fall River Construction Accident Cases

Construction accidents may range from isolated incidents to full-scale disasters. Dangerous power tools like circular saws, table saws, or nail guns might malfunction and hurt someone. Major machinery like tractors or forklifts might cause massive accidents injuring multiple workers.

Injured workers often require immediate medical care that might turn into extensive hospital stays and long-term treatment. Medical care is famously expensive, and many injured plaintiffs cannot cover these costs. A lot of construction workers provide their own tools. These tools are often expensive and might be damaged or destroyed in an accident. Another major concern is the loss of work. Injured workers might be unable to return to work while they recover, and they will lose valuable income.

In addition to the financial losses, your damages should account for your pain and suffering. Accidents are traumatic events, and people sometimes come close to death or permanent disability. Coming to terms with the accident is often a long and difficult process, and the defendant should pay for the emotional pain they have inflicted upon you.

Construction workers also must consider the harm the accident does to their professional reputation. A subcontractor might have difficulty finding work after they recover because word got around about the accident. People might unfairly assume you caused the accident, and the reputational harm may be hard to undo.

Whom You Can Sue for Construction Accidents and Injuries in Fall River

Our construction accident and injury attorneys can help you examine your employer for potential liability. Anyone who works in the construction industry knows that the employment process in construction is complex. There might be numerous employers on a construction site, and determining who is responsible might require investigation.

General contractors are largely in charge of the entire construction site. They are also in charge of hiring workers. If the general contractor hired you before you were injured in an on-the-job accident, you might be able to sue them for their negligence.

On the other hand, general contractors frequently hire subcontractors to handle more specific aspects of the overall project. These subcontractors may hire their own workers to do the job. If a subcontractor hired you, they might be responsible for your accident.

Third parties not present at the construction site might instead be to blame in certain cases. For example, if a piece of equipment malfunctioned because it was defective, the manufacturer might be liable even though they were not directly involved with the construction project.

Proving Liability in a Construction Accident Lawsuit in Fall River

Proving your claims and getting compensation requires strong evidence. Evidence has a nasty habit of being unpredictable. For some, evidence is in abundance. For others, evidence is hard to come by, and their case may be harder to prove. A lack of evidence does not mean your claims are invalid or untrue, and an attorney can help you find evidence in places you might not expect.

Records of the accident scene are crucial in construction accident cases. The jury and court need to know what the area looked like when the accident happened. Was it a mess? Was it unsafe? Were there hazardous conditions on the premises? You should take photos of the accident scene immediately after the accident to record these conditions. Better yet, security camera footage of the accident may be even more persuasive.

Even if physical evidence or photographs are hard to obtain, we can rely on witnesses for powerful statements and testimony. Your coworkers who saw the accident can testify about how it unfolded. Other witnesses who did not see the accident might still have valuable information. For example, a coworker who was not present for the accident might testify regarding the poor working conditions or safety issues on the construction site leading up to the accident.

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer for Your Fall River Construction Accident Case

It is not unusual for people to hesitate before speaking to a lawyer. Many accident victims are concerned about incurring legal fees on top of their already mounting medical debt. The truth is that hiring an attorney may significantly increase your chances of success, and you may be able to cover your costs and damages with the compensation you receive through a trial.

You should also hire an attorney to help you evaluate your damages. Damages are often complicated, and identifying all your injuries might be harder than you think. A lawyer should know what damages are common in construction accidents and how to argue for their compensation effectively.

An attorney can help you develop legal strategies or tactics for your case. You need to make arguments that move jurors and convince them to believe the evidence in front of them. Additionally, your lawyer can help determine if your case is strong enough for a trial or if other legal options might yield better results.

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