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Accidents on construction sites can be highly dangerous. Such accidents not only pose a risk to construction workers, they can also cause harm to pedestrians, bicyclists, and nearby motorists. Victims of construction accidents regularly incur injuries that produce excruciating pain, financial distress, and emotional hardship.

If you were injured as the result of a construction accident, then you may acquire payment for the harm you sustained. However, the path to compensation may differ depending on the circumstances of your case. Fortunately, the team at our firm is prepared to investigate your specific accident to determine the appropriate course of action.

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Time Limit to File a Construction Accident Lawsuit in Everett, MA

The deadline for filing a construction accident lawsuit in Massachusetts is established by Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 260, § 2A. Usually, you will have to file your potential case within three years of the date your accident occurred. If you wait too long to bring your claim to court, then you may miss your opportunity to recover important monetary damages.

Even though you may have up to three years to file, you should connect with our construction accident attorneys as quickly as possible after being injured. In order for your potential lawsuit to succeed, you will need to gather evidence that supports the key elements of your claim. Unfortunately, this evidence may deteriorate or become hard to collect over time. The sooner you begin building your case, the more efficient your evidence collection process will be.

Common Causes of Construction Site Accidents in Everett, MA

There are many forms of negligence that can lead to harmful accidents on construction sites. For instance, the following are all common causes of construction site accidents in Everett:

Falls from Heights

One of the most prevalent types of construction accidents involves falls from heights. These incidents often occur when workers are performing tasks on scaffolding, ladders, roofs, or elevated platforms.

The absence of proper safety equipment, failure to secure ladders, or inadequate training can contribute to these accidents. Furthermore, such accidents may also result from improper maintenance of ladders, tools, and other equipment.

Scaffold Collapses

Scaffold collapses are particularly dangerous incidents that can occur due to a variety of reasons. Poor construction of scaffolding, improper assembly, overloading, or inadequate inspections can all contribute to a collapse. When a scaffold gives way, workers can be trapped under falling debris, leading to serious injuries such as crush injuries, fractures, and even fatalities.


Construction sites often involve complex electrical systems, and the mishandling of wiring or equipment can lead to electrocutions. Accidents can occur when workers come into contact with live electrical wires or faulty equipment. Inadequate signage or failure to de-energize equipment before maintenance can increase the risk of electrocution, resulting in severe burns, cardiac arrest, or organ damage.

Struck by Objects

Construction sites are bustling with activity, and heavy machinery, tools, and equipment are constantly in motion. Accidents can occur when workers are struck by falling objects, swinging equipment, or vehicles. Inadequate barriers, lack of warning signs, or failure to secure loads on cranes can contribute to these accidents. The impact from these incidents can cause head injuries, fractures, and internal organ damage.

Trench Collapses

Trenches are commonly dug on construction sites for various purposes, and failure to properly shore up these trenches can lead to collapses. Trench collapses can bury workers under tons of soil and debris, causing asphyxiation, crush injuries, and suffocation. Inadequate safety measures, such as failing to install proper support systems or neglecting to inspect trenches, can increase the risk of these accidents.

Machinery Accidents

Heavy machinery, such as cranes, bulldozers, and excavators, is an integral part of construction sites. Accidents involving machinery can occur when operators are not adequately trained, equipment is not properly maintained, or safety protocols are disregarded. Pinch points, caught-in-between incidents, and rollovers can lead to catastrophic injuries, including amputations, severe lacerations, and internal injuries.

Chemical Exposure

Construction sites often involve the use of hazardous chemicals, including paints, solvents, and cleaning agents. Improper storage, handling, or disposal of these chemicals can lead to toxic exposures. Workers may inhale fumes, come into direct contact with chemicals, or suffer from chemical burns. Long-term health effects can include respiratory disorders, skin conditions, and even cancer.

Structural Collapses

Structural collapses can occur when buildings or structures under construction are not properly designed, constructed, or inspected. Weak foundations, inadequate support beams, or subpar materials can all contribute to these incidents. A structural collapse can lead to workers being trapped under debris, resulting in serious injuries such as spinal cord injuries, fractures, and head trauma.

Insufficient Security

Insufficient security on a construction site can lead to accidents by exposing workers to unauthorized personnel, theft, and potential hazards. When access control measures are lacking, unauthorized individuals can enter the site, leading to disruptions, distractions, and increased risk of accidents.

Additionally, inadequate security can result in the theft of tools and equipment, which can compromise the efficiency and safety of ongoing work.

Lastly, without proper security measures, valuable materials and equipment can be left unsecured, creating tripping hazards or causing obstructions that lead to accidents.

Considering Settlement Offers in Everett Construction Accident Lawsuits

If you file a construction accident lawsuit, then the defendant will likely attempt to settle your case before going to trial. If you enter into a settlement agreement, then the defendant will pay you an agreed-upon sum of damages in exchange for the dismissal of your claim. There are potential advantages to settling early. For example, by reaching a settlement agreement, you may save on trial costs and obtain compensation more quickly.

However, many defendants in construction accident cases attempt to settle their cases for less than they are truly worth. If you are not presented with an appropriate settlement offer, then you may need to go to trial to acquire the payment you are owed. Thankfully, our legal team can offer valuable assistance when considering settlement offers in your case.

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