Recent Crane Accident Injured Worker in Medford

A Massachusetts worker was injured recently when a crane tipped over on the Medford-Everett line. This accident is yet another reminder of the need for proper workplace safety procedures on construction sites.

About the Incident

According to the news article, the incident occurred on a bridge construction site located next to Revere Beach Parkway. While workers were putting away their equipment for the day, the crane became unbalanced and fell over. The crane’s operator was trapped inside at the time of the incident. Other workers on the scene cut him out of the crane with a torch. He was taken to Mass General Hospital, where he was diagnosed with a broken wrist and arm.

The crane contained 200 gallons of diesel fuel when the incident occurred. it began to leak after the crash. As a result, environmental groups were asked to aid in the cleanup process.

Massachusetts Construction Accident Lawyer

Preventing Workplace Accidents

Construction sites are known for their propensity to be dangerous. As a result, activity on these worksites, along with others, are heavily regulated by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). In fact, OSHA reports that 4,821 people died in workplace accidents during 2014. an even greater number of workers were injured because of accidents that occurred on worksites.

In order to prevent these accidents, employers who require their employees to work on construction sites must follow specific guidelines. These guidelines exist to protect the employees and reduce the risks they face while at work. If OSHA finds that an employer is not in compliance with regulations during an inspection, the employer will typically be required to rectify the situation immediately. If OSHA investigates an accident that led to the injury or death of an employee and finds that it was related to a violation, the employer may face serious consequences.

OSHA also takes steps to raise awareness of workplace safety protocols among employers and employees alike, such as its National Fall Stand Down campaign.

OSHA Violations

If you work on a construction site, you have a right to a safe environment that complies with OSHA’s standards. Unfortunately, not every employer does what is necessary to keep employees safe. If you believe your employer is guilty of an OSHA violation, file a complaint with OSHA as soon as possible so that the issue can be addressed.

What to do if a loved one was Injured in the Workplace

If you or a loved one was already injured on a construction site and you believe that your employer’s failure to follow workplace safety regulations is to blame, you may be entitled to various types of compensation. Your employer may also be subject to consequences. Although most workers who are injured on the job can pursue workers’ compensation benefits only, you may be able to pursue additional compensation an OSHA violation was involved. Keep in mind that you can pursue workers’ compensation benefits regardless of whether your employer was in violation of OSHA’s standards when the accident occurred.

The best way to determine your options following an accident on the job is to contact an experienced personal injury, workers’ compensation, and Wakefield crane accident lawyer and upper body work injury attorney in Boston. Please call John J. Sheehan today to learn more.