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Construction accidents can cause catastrophic harm. Victims often must navigate painful and complicated roads to recovery after such accidents. Accordingly, injured workers may pursue financial compensation for the harm they endured.

Construction accident lawsuits are typically filed when workers are hurt as the result of third-party negligence. For instance, if you were injured because you handled malfunctioning tool, then you may be able to sue the defective product’s manufacturer. Furthermore, if you suffered a harmful slip and fall because a property owner did not maintain their premises, then they may be sued. After suffering a construction accident, our legal team can assess the strength of your claim against the at-fault party.

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Time Limit to File a Construction Accident Case in Brockton, MA

The time window for filing construction accident cases in Massachusetts is established by Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 260, § 2A. Generally, you will have three years from the date your accident happened to file your case against another party. If you wait too long to file, you may miss your opportunity to obtain financial compensation for your injuries.

Furthermore, there are several other requirements that must be adhered to when filing a construction accident lawsuit. For example, you must file in the right jurisdiction, pay necessary filing fees, attach supporting documents, serve defendants, and refrain from filing an incomplete claim. Thankfully, you may consult with our construction accident and injury lawyers to ensure that you satisfy all of the conditions for filing a successful case.

Examples of Construction Accidents You Can Sue for in Brockton, MA

Construction accidents can come in several different forms. If you were hurt because of negligent actions committed by your coworkers or your employer, then you may be unable to sue them for the harm you incurred. However, if you were hurt as the result of a third party’s carelessness, then you may have grounds to file a construction accident lawsuit.

As an example, some workers are injured because they are equipped with defective safety equipment. When items like guardrails, harnesses, and protective eyewear are not designed or manufactured properly, severe accidents can occur. In such cases, victim may be able to pursue claims against those who manufactured or sold the defective products.

Additionally, construction sites are locations where several different contractors may be performing various tasks simultaneously. If you are injured because someone employed by another company acted negligently, then you may be able to file a construction accident lawsuit. For example, you may be injured because a forklift operator failed to operate their vehicle with reasonable care. Furthermore, you may sustain a serious head injury because of a falling object dropped by a worker above you. These accidents would also constitute grounds for a construction accident lawsuit.

Finally, many construction accidents happen because of negligent actions committed by property owners. If the property owner in control of your site failed to provide maintenance and upkeep for their premises, then they may be sued for accidents that stem from their inaction. For instance, you may suffer a devastating slip and fall because of a staircase’s broken handrail. In that instance, the property owner who neglected to fix the handrail could be sued.

Common Types of Evidence Used to Prove Fault for Construction Accidents in Brockton, MA

For your construction accident lawsuit to prevail, you will have to present evidence that demonstrates your accident happened as the result of the defendant’s negligence. There are several types of evidence that can be used to prove that a defendant acted negligently.

Evidence from the scene can be highly valuable when establishing fault for a construction accident. Photos from the scene may depict factors that contributed to an accident. Further, physical evidence from the scene is often used to disprove defendant’s theories of fault. For instance, a defendant may argue that a slip and fall was caused by a worker’s slick tread on their boots. In that case, the boots worn by the victim at the time of their accident could be presented to show that they did not contribute to the fall.

Also, surveillance footage can be very helpful when seeking to prove fault for a construction accident. Construction sites are sometimes equipped with private security cameras that surveil the site and surrounding areas. These cameras may record the events that unfolded before, during, and after a harmful construction accident. However, relevant footage on security cameras may be deleted quickly to make room for new recordings. Therefore, after suffering a construction accident, you should search for pertinent surveillance footage as soon as you can.

Statements from eyewitnesses can also be used to establish fault for construction accidents. Nearby workers can often help victims explain how or why their accidents occurred. Therefore, you should always attempt to exchange contact information with potential witnesses to your accident. These parties can offer both oral and written statements that support your case.

Evaluating Settlement Offers in Brockton Construction Accident Cases

After filing a construction accident lawsuit, the defendant in your case will probably present you with a settlement offer. If you accept a settlement offer, the defendant will pay you an agreed-upon amount of compensation in exchange for your case being dismissed. There are some advantages to settling early. As an example, you may save on some of the expenses you will incur at trial such as witness fees and filing costs. Additionally, plaintiffs who reach settlement agreements are usually paid sooner.

Unfortunately, many defendants in construction accident cases present settlement offers that are inadequate. If you are not offered a settlement that reflects the true value of your claim, then you will have to go to trial to obtain the full range of payment you are owed.

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