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Many workers such as those in construction fields or industrial environments perform dangerous jobs that have a high propensity to result in harmful, on-the-job accidents. However, anyone can sustain a work-related illness or injury.

For example, a secretary who performs a great deal of typing each day may suffer from carpel tunnel syndrome. Furthermore, an office assistant may be involved in a vehicle crash while running errands for their boss. Thankfully, Workers’ Compensation insurance provides benefits for employees who are hurt at work.

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What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation is a type of insurance that provides benefits for workers who were injured while performing duties for their job. Furthermore, after deadly on-the-job accidents, these benefits may be collected by victims’ families.

Every employer in Massachusetts has to provide this coverage for their employees. It may compensate claimants for lost income and medical expenses related to any type of work-related illness or injury, regardless of how it occurred. If your boss did not purchase a Workers’ Compensation policy, then they may be sued for the payment you are owed.

Common Types of Occupational Illnesses and Injuries Suffered by Employees in Beverly, MA

Workers can suffer occupational illnesses caused by extended exposure to harmful substances like dust and asbestos fibers. Further, debilitating injuries can stem from work-related accidents like vehicle crashes and falls. The following are examples of illnesses and injuries regularly incurred by employees in Beverly, MA:


Those who breathe certain airborne toxins during the course of their workdays can develop asthma, a serious condition that affects airways in the lungs. For instance, cement workers and construction workers who inhale Potassium Dichromate may suffer from this condition. Many people with asthma require long-term medical care. Further, their ability to work can be severely restricted.

Chemical Poisoning and Burns

Employees who come into contact with dangerous chemicals can sustain chemical poisoning and painful burns. In some instances, such injuries occur because workers were not provided with appropriate safety gear or clothing.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be suffered by employees who work in noisy environments. For example, workers who work in manufacturing, construction, and agriculture all have high potential to sustain some degree of hearing loss.

This type of harm can develop slowly, but the damages caused by hearing loss can be immense. A high number of workers who suffer hearing loss have difficulty performing certain tasks in the future. Support from our Workers’ Compensation lawyers may be valuable to claimants pursuing payment for hearing loss. Insurers may be reluctant to pay victims what they deserve.

Soft Tissue Damage

Soft tissue damage is a common injury incurred by employees in Beverly, MA. This damage usually occurs in the form of tears, sprains, and strains. Workers regularly sustain soft tissue damage when trying to push, carry, lift, or pull heavy objects. Those who suffer soft tissue damage may have to remain away from work while their injuries heal.

Fractured Bones

Many employees sustain fractured bones because of accidents that happen on the job. This type of harm is often caused by slip and falls, vehicle crashes, and struck-by accidents. Thankfully, certain damages related to employees’ broken bones are covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Neurological Disorders

Lastly, neurological disorders can also be suffered by workers who are exposed to dangerous toxins. These disorders can occur in the form of several different conditions that affect brain, spine, or nervous system. The damages they cause can be immense and may produce long-lasting impacts.

Why You Should Seek Timely Medical Treatment After Suffering a Workplace Injury in Beverly, MA

If you were hurt at work, then you should seek medical care for your injuries as soon as you can. There are several ways that timely medical treatment can benefit your case.

Swift Diagnosis

Delaying medical attention may exacerbate the severity of an injury because certain conditions can worsen without a swift diagnosis. Seeking immediate medical care allows for a quick and accurate diagnosis, enabling healthcare professionals to outline an effective treatment plan promptly.

Preventing Complications

Timely medical treatment is essential for preventing complications that may arise from untreated injuries. Addressing injuries promptly can mitigate the risk of infections, long-term disabilities, or other complications that may develop if left unattended.

Documentation for Workers’ Compensation Claims

Timely medical treatment also ensures proper documentation of the injury. This documentation is crucial when filing for workers’ compensation claims, providing a clear link between the injury and the workplace. Waiting to seek medical attention may create gaps in the medical record, leading to challenges in establishing the connection between the injury and the workplace.

Facilitating Recovery

Lastly, prompt medical attention enhances the likelihood of a faster and more effective recovery. Early intervention can minimize the impact of an injury on a person’s overall health and well-being, allowing them to return to work sooner and resume their normal activities.

Hospitals for Injured Workers in Beverly, MA

As previously discussed, it is crucial to seek medical treatment for any on-the-job injuries. Fortunately, Beverly, MA, provides several healthcare facilities where injured workers can seek treatment for work-related injuries.

Beverly Hospital: A Hub of Comprehensive Care

Beverly Hospital, situated in the heart of the city, is often the primary choice for injured workers seeking medical attention. Known for its state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated staff, Beverly Hospital is equipped to handle a variety of work-related injuries.

Addison Gilbert Hospital: Specialized Injury Care

Addison Gilbert Hospital stands out as another reputable option for injured workers in Beverly. With a focus on delivering specialized care, this hospital caters to a diverse range of injuries that may occur in a workplace setting. The hospital’s commitment to providing quality healthcare services makes it a trusted resource for those seeking treatment and rehabilitation as a result of work-related incidents.

Other Healthcare Options in Beverly, MA

Apart from the major hospitals mentioned, Beverly offers additional healthcare options for injured workers. Local clinics and urgent care centers, like Beverly Urgent Care, play a crucial role in providing immediate attention for non-life-threatening injuries. These facilities ensure that workers have accessible alternatives for treatment, promoting a swift recovery process.

Who Pays for Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Beverly, MA?

The price of Workers’ Compensation insurance should be paid for by employers. It is simply a cost of doing business, similar to payroll or advertising expenses. Employees are covered by Workers’ Compensation from their first day of their employment. If they are injured at work, then they are entitled to payment for the lost income and medical bills they suffered.

What Information Do You Need to Provide When Filing for Workers’ Compensation in Beverly, MA?

In order for a Workers’ Compensation claim to succeed, the insurance company will likely ask for a great deal of information surrounding your injury. First, general background information pertaining to your injury should be provided. For example, you will have to report the date of your workplace accident and where it occurred. Furthermore, you should identify the type of injury you suffered.

You will also have to report details related to the harm caused by your injury. Be prepared to divulge the days of work you missed because of your injury and how long it will take to recover. Moreover, you must describe the damages caused by your injury and the benefits being sought.

Finally, you will also have to disclose information regarding your medical treatment along with your claim. For instance, you must identify your first and current treating doctors.

Are Independent Contractors Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Beverly, MA?

Unfortunately, you have to be classified as an employee to obtain benefits through Workers’ Compensation. Generally, such benefits are not awarded to independent contractors. However, there are other means of pursuing payment for work-related illnesses and injuries. Injured contractors can reach out to our law firm for help identifying the appropriate course of action.

Where Should You Report Your Injury After a Workplace Accident in Beverly, MA?

If you were injured at work in Beverly, MA, you should report your injury to your employer right away. Afterwards, your boss should initiate the process for filing your Workers’ Compensation claim. Waiting too long to let your employer know of your accident can hurt your chances at acquiring benefits.

Common Types of Workplace Accidents in Beverly, MA

There are several different types of workplace accidents that may cause harm to employees. If you were hurt as the result of any of the following, then our Workers’ Compensation lawyers can help pursue the payment you deserve:

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls are prevalent workplace accidents that can result in injuries. These incidents often occur because of uneven surfaces, slippery floors, or inadequate signage. Proper housekeeping and maintenance, along with the use of warning signs, are essential in preventing such accidents.

Struck-by Objects

Workers are at risk of being struck by falling or moving objects in various industries. This can include equipment, tools, or even vehicles. Implementing safety protocols such as wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), creating designated storage areas, and providing proper training can help mitigate the risk of struck-by accidents.

Caught in or Between Objects

Accidents where workers get caught in or between objects can happen when machinery or equipment is not properly guarded or when proper safety procedures are not followed. Adequate training, clear safety guidelines, and the use of safety guards are crucial in preventing these types of accidents.

Electrical Accidents

Workplaces with electrical equipment pose a risk of electrical accidents, including shocks and burns. Ensuring that electrical systems are up to code, providing adequate training on electrical safety, and enforcing the use of proper protective equipment are essential in preventing these accidents.

Vehicle-Related Accidents

In industries involving transportation or machinery operation, vehicle-related accidents may happen. These accidents may involve collisions, rollovers, or pedestrians being struck by vehicles. Strict adherence to safety regulations, proper training for vehicle operators, and maintaining clear pedestrian walkways are crucial in preventing such incidents.

Chemical Exposure Incidents

Workplaces that involve the handling of chemicals pose a risk of exposure incidents. Accidents may occur due to improper storage, handling, or use of hazardous substances. Implementing strict safety protocols, providing proper personal protective equipment (PPE), and offering comprehensive training on chemical safety are crucial in preventing chemical exposure incidents.

Fires and Explosions

Certain workplaces, especially those dealing with flammable materials or industrial processes, are at risk of fires and explosions. Inadequate safety measures, faulty equipment, or improper handling of combustible materials can contribute to such incidents. Implementing fire safety protocols, providing firefighting equipment, and conducting regular safety drills are essential preventive measures.

Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs)

Repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) can result from repeated motions or overuse of certain muscles and joints. Common in office settings or industries requiring repetitive tasks, RSIs can lead to chronic pain and discomfort. Employers can prevent RSIs by implementing ergonomic workstations, providing regular breaks, and offering employee training on proper posture and ergonomics.

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