Who Can Be Held Liable in a Road Rage Accident in Massachusetts?

Road rage occurs when drivers become angry or frustrated behind the wheel. When motorists are overcome by road rage, they often commit careless and reckless mistakes that lead to car accidents. Such accidents can produce devastating injuries for victims.

Drivers who cause accidents through acts of road rage can be held liable for damages they cause. In many cases, victims of car crashes in Massachusetts must seek compensation from their own insurance company. However, in some cases, injured motorists and pedestrians may file lawsuits against the angry driver who caused their accident.

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At-Fault Drivers May Be Held Liable for Road Rage Accidents in Massachusetts

At-fault drivers may be held liable for road rage accidents in Massachusetts. In such cases, plaintiffs must show that the enraged driver caused or contributed to their injuries. The legal analyses that apply to road rage accident lawsuits can vary. However, in each case, the following four elements must be satisfied:

  • The enraged driver was under duty of care to act a certain way under particular circumstances
  • The enraged driver breached their duty of care
  • You suffered injuries because of the enraged driver’s breach of duty
  • You suffered damages because of your injuries

Victims of road rage accidents can contact our Cambridge car accident lawyers for help determining if the aforementioned elements have been satisfied in their case.

When Can I Sue Another Driver for a Road Rage Accident in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts courts adhere to no-fault car insurance laws. This means that drivers will typically recover compensation from their own insurance company after a crash. Victims may recover medical expenses and lost wages incurred because of an accident when filing a claim with their own insurer.

However, under certain circumstances, victims may file lawsuits against negligent drivers after road rage accidents. If you suffered over $2,000 in medical expenses or sustained a qualifying injury, you may recover damages from an at-fault driver. Qualifying injuries include the following:

  • Broken bones
  • Significant loss of vision or hearing
  • Permanent and substantial scarring or disfigurement

These categories of injury can describe many types of harm. Our Malden car accident lawyers can help determine if you suffered an injury that will allow you to file suit against an at-fault driver.

Furthermore, victims of road rage accidents may also bring claims for property damage against at-fault motorists. Property damage is not governed by Massachusetts’ no-fault laws. Accordingly, enraged drivers can be held liable for property damage they cause.

Defining Road Rage

Road rage refers to aggressive or frustrated behavior that endangers other motorists on public roads. It involves an intent to harm drivers of other vehicles. Such behavior often occurs during periods of high traffic congestion. However, road rage accidents can occur at any time and place.

When drivers become agitated, they often take their frustrations out on other motorists sharing the roadways. For example, enraged drivers may tailgate other vehicles or improperly change lanes while passing another motorist.

This behavior can cause catastrophic accidents. If you were involved in a road rage accident, you should try to remain calm and avoid engaging the other driver if possible. After the accident, our Somerville car accident lawyers can help evaluate the legal options available to you.

Causes of Road Rage in Massachusetts

There are many potential causes of road rage. Still, some triggers arise more frequently than others. The most common cause of road rage is impatience. Drivers stuck in traffic often become frustrated if they are in a hurry. These impatient drivers can commit reckless acts that lead to accidents.

Furthermore, many drivers are emboldened by the sense of anonymity they feel on the road. Motorists may feel that they can act aggressively towards another driver because they will never see them again.

In any case, our experienced Massachusetts car accident lawyers can guide victims of road rage accidents on their road to recovery.

Common Forms of Road Rage that Cause Accidents in Massachusetts

If a driver begins honking or yelling at you, it could be a sign that they have become enraged. There are many forms of road rage. The following are common forms of road rage that cause accidents in Massachusetts:


Tailgating occurs when an aggressive driver follows the vehicle in front of them too closely. Tailgating drivers will not have adequate time to react if the car in front of them slows down or stops. Accordingly, tailgating can cause serious crashes. Our Wakefield car accident lawyers can help recover compensation after road rage accidents caused by tailgating.

Cutting Off Other Vehicles

Cutting off other vehicles is another common form of road rage that causes car crashes. “Cutting off” other vehicles refers to the practice of improperly changing lanes when passing another car. Aggressive drivers that cut off other vehicles can be held liable for damages they cause.


Furthermore, weaving is another form of road rage that often leads to accidents in Massachusetts. Enraged drivers may attempt to weave between lanes of traffic to get ahead of another vehicle. This type of behavior can lead to catastrophic collisions on highways. Our Quincy personal injury lawyers can offer support to victims of road rage accidents caused by weaving.

Driving Off-Road

In some cases, aggressive or frustrated drivers may driver their vehicle off road in a fit of road rage. This could involve driving over a median, on a sidewalk, or down the shoulder of a highway. Drivers who commit this type of behavior can cause severe injuries to pedestrians and other motorists.

If You Were Injured Because of a Road Rage Accident in Massachusetts, Our Lawyers Can Help

If you were injured in a road rage accident in Massachusetts, seek assistance from our experienced Massachusetts personal injury lawyers by calling the Law Office of John J. Sheehan at (617) 925-6407.