What to Do After Getting Hit by a MTBA Bus in Boston

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (“MTBA”) owns and operates a large fleet of buses that travel through the greater Boston area. These buses provide a crucial service to citizens who rely on public transit to get around town.

Still, a large number of harmful crashes happen involving MTBA buses. These types of accidents can stem from several different forms of negligence and may cause serious injuries.

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Steps to Take After Being Hit by a MTBA Bus in Boston

In the aftermath of a bus accident, it can be difficult for victims to know how they should proceed. Taking the following actions after being hit by a MTBA bus can help your chances at recovering monetary damages:

Wait at the Scene and Dial 911

The first step you should take after being struck by an MTBA bus is to remain at the scene and dial 911. After calling emergency services, an ambulance may be sent to treat any injured parties. Furthermore, you should wait for a police officer to visit the scene of your bus accident and write up their accident report. The following are examples of information that may be included in such a report:

  • Statements from witnesses
  • Statements from drivers
  • A description of the property that was damaged
  • A diagram showing how the accident happened
  • An officer’s personal notes regarding the crash’s source

It follows that officers’ accident reports will be helpful to our Brockton personal injury attorneys when determining fault for a crash and negotiating for fair compensation. Our lawyers will help victims retrieve and review copies of their official accident reports.

Obtain Contact Information from Other Parties

After being hit by an MTBA bus in Boston, you should attempt to obtain contact information for all other parties to your collision. First, you may retrieve contact and insurance info from the other drivers that were involved. This includes the driver of the MTBA bus that hit you. This information will be very valuable when building a claim and determining who to sue.

Additionally, obtain the contact information from anyone who witnessed your collision. Witnesses can provide written and oral statements that help our bus accident attorneys establish who is at fault. For instance, a witness may assert that they saw a bus driver veer outside of their lane several times before a crash. In that case, the witness’s statements could help prove that the bus driver caused their collision by driving recklessly. Our experienced lawyers will help our clients get in touch with witnesses for their cooperation.

Collect Evidence at the Scene of the Collision

Furthermore, you should collect evidence at the scene of your MTBA bus accident. You do not need to initiate a full, in-depth investigation immediately after your crash. However, you should attempt to take photos at the scene of your accident if you can. Photos may be used to identify how the accident happened. Also, they may be used to discredit defendants’ alternative arguments as to how their crashes occurred. Our Cambridge personal injury attorneys may be able to review any photos you have as part of your free case assessment.

Many MTBA vehicles and facilities are equipped with surveillance equipment that is recording at all times. The security cameras positioned on vehicles and at bus stations may capture footage that helps prove fault for bus accidents. Our team of experienced lawyers can help retrieve applicable footage from MTBA authorities after initiating our investigation into your case.

Seek Medical Treatment Quickly

After being hit by a MTBA bus, also seek medical care as soon as possible. Those who wait for their injuries to heal on their own may be prevented from recovering fair compensation. First, you need to have a doctor make note of your injuries in order to establish a claim for monetary damages. Second, defendants may assert that a gap in your medical treatment means that you are not badly hurt. Accordingly, you should seek treatment quickly, attend any required follow-up appointments, and continue with your prescribed medication. Our experienced bus accident attorneys will help navigate your complicated path to recovery.

Call Our Bus Accident Attorneys

Lastly, you should call our Boston bus accident attorneys for help holding the at-fault party responsible for your crash. There are multiple categories of damages available to plaintiffs in bus accident cases. However, defendants regularly hire teams of people to try and refute victims’ claims. After being hit by an MTBA bus, our team of experienced lawyers can fight for the full amount of payment available to you.

How Do You Sue the MTBA for a Bus Accident in Boston?

Under Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 258, § 2, public employers in Boston can be held accountable for their employees’ negligence. Still, in order for such a lawsuit to proceed, the at-fault employee’s actions must have occurred within the scope of their employment. In other words, in order to sue a bus driver’s employer, the driver must have caused a crash while engaging in activities that they are reasonably expected to participate in as part of their job duties.

Suing a public entity like the MTBA can be a complicated process. There are several conditions that must be adhered to when filing such a case. Accordingly, the support and counsel of our bus accident attorneys can be highly valuable to potential plaintiffs.

If You Were Hit by a MTBA Bus in Boston, Our Lawyers Can Help

If you sustained injuries because of a collision involving a MTBA bus, our team at The Law Office of John J. Sheehan can help pursue monetary damages. Speak with our experienced Middleton personal injury attorneys by calling (617) 925-6407 for a free assessment of your case.