What is a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Wakefield?

A workers’ compensation claim is designed to compensate a Wakefield worker for injuries or illnesses obtained while on the job. While these claims are similar to a personal injury lawsuit, they operate within their own unique court system. In some cases, the same injuries that would normally result in a personal injury lawsuit must play out in the workers’ compensation system instead.

If you are a full or part-time employee in Wakefield, your employer likely has a workers’ compensation policy. If you suffer an injury at your Wakefield workplace, you have the right to file a claim and seek benefits. However, some employers will go to great lengths to deny a claim. A seasoned workers’ compensation lawyer could help you get the benefits you deserve.

Common Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Workplace injuries may encompass a wide variety of injuries that could occur in blue-collar work environments or office spaces. Conditions like repetitive stress injuries impact workers of all types and can have long-lasting consequences.

Any injury or illness that renders a worker unable to do their job could result in a viable workers’ compensation claim. Some examples of common injuries include;

  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Chronic illness caused by chemical exposure
  • Burns
  • Joint injuries

As long as an injury puts an employee out of work for at least five days, a seasoned attorney could help them pursue a claim for benefits.

Filing a Wakefield Compensation Claim

The process of filing a Wakefield workers’ compensation claim is not difficult. First, a worker must notify their supervisor or employer in writing that they suffered injuries on the job, and that the injury rendered them unable to work. Once the worker provides this notification, it is the responsibility of the employer to file a workers’ compensation claim with the insurance provider.

Once the employer files the claim, the case is in the hands of the insurance carrier. If the carrier approves the claim, the injured worker will receive benefit payments within a matter of days. These benefits could include compensation for medical bills, lost wages, or any other expense related to the injury.

However, not every claim goes smoothly. There are a variety of reasons why a carrier might deny a claim. If the injury did not happen at work, or if the injury was a result of horseplay outside of the scope of a workers’ employment, the carrier may deny the claim. A carrier could also deny a claim if the worker failed to notify their employer of the injury promptly. A denied claim is not the end of a worker’s opportunity to recover compensation. With the help of a workers’ compensation attorney, the worker could fight back against the denied claim.

Call a Wakefield Lawyer About a Workers’ Compensation Claim

With the right legal counsel by your side, you could obtain the benefits you need to make ends meet following an accident. That process can be challenging in some circumstances, but an experienced attorney could help you prepare for what is to come.

Even if your claim is denied, you have the opportunity to be heard. To learn more about workers’ compensation claims in Wakefield, contact a lawyer right away.