Should I File a Personal Injury in Boston if I Have Pain?

Bernie KosarIf you have an injury that came through the course of your employment, it is important that you have your injury verified by a doctor as soon as possible. Failing to consult with a doctor within an adequate timeframe could weaken your claim for workers’ compensation.

Injuries That Cause Slurred Speech

This article from the Bleacher Report is an example of the necessities of filing claims for a workers’ compensation claim within an accurate time period. Bernie Kosar, a former Pro Bowl Quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, claims to have suffered from several concussions during his period as a player in the National Football League. Former NFL Players have sued the National Football League due to their concessions. In the case of Bernie Kosar, he claims that the concussions that he suffered while playing football caused him to develop a slurred form of speaking. Kosar had been a color commentator for the Cleveland Browns for several years but the team recently reassigned him to another position within the organization. He would like to continue working as a commentator because he loves that the job, but the organization has decided to not reconsider their decision. He believes that the team has decided to remove him from his commentating functions because of his difficulty in pronouncing words in a clear and articulate manner.

See a Doctor

The importance of this article is that regardless of how slight a person believes a work injury to be, if a person feels even a bit of pain or discomfort, it is imperative that the person visit a doctor and attempt to discern what happened as soon as possible. A person does not want to have a workers’ compensation denied because they filed a claim too late.

The Goal of Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation seeks to remedy the injuries suffered while working. As long as an employee was not willfully neglectful in his or her injuries, workers’ compensation should cover any injuries that occurred in the context of employment, including accidents that may have arisen from travel.

Verify Your Claim and Seek an Attorney

As unfortunate as the situation is with Mr. Kosar, people should understand that if they believe that an injury has occurred through their work, it is in their interests to report and verify injuries as quickly as possible. A person should also engage an attorney because a lawyer will be able to quickly guide someone through the requirements to access workers’ compensation. Mistakes in the application process may lead to delays in receiving just compensation. It is also important to know that workers’ compensation is available in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, regardless of whether they have documentation to reside in the United States.

If you need to file a claim for workers’ compensation in the state of Massachusetts, you should not hesitate to contact the Sheehan Law Firm. We have a strong reputation in the field of workers’ compensation and will do everything possible so that you obtain your compensation as quickly as possible.

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