Somerville Truck Accident Lawyer

A truck accident can change your life forever. Since trucks are so much heavier than the vehicles most people drive in Somerville, a collision with a truck often results in devastating injuries. Even if your body eventually heals, the emotional impact may never go away.

A Somerville truck accident lawyer understands what you are going through. A skilled Somerville truck accident injury attorney may be able to help you receive compensation to offset the many different effects of your injuries so that you can move on with your life. While an accident lawyer cannot restore lost health, compensation can provide for the future needs of yourself and your family and deliver some measure of justice. Call today at (617) 925-6407.

Parties Who May Be Liable for a Truck Accident in Somerville, MA

Truck accident cases differ substantially from car accident scenarios because many different parties may share in the responsibility. With cars, usually the driver is also the owner, and there are no commercial interests involved. In a truck accident situation, many more entities could have contributed to the cause of the collision.

Responsible parties could include:

  • The supplier who loaded the truck
  • The company handling truck maintenance
  • The driver
  • The company that trained the driver
  • The manufacturer of the truck or component parts
  • The company who set the schedule or established operating practices under which the driver worked

An experienced Somerville truck accident lawyer could investigate to determine the cause of an accident and the parties who may be held liable. Each potentially responsible person or entity could have contributed to causation in numerous ways.

Collecting Evidence for a Somerville Truck Accident Case

To recover compensation, an individual injured in a truck accident must present evidence to demonstrate that the negligence or wrongdoing of another caused the accident and resulting injuries. The best time to collect evidence is right after the accident.

As time passes, the accident scene will change, and witnesses may become more problematic to locate. Video footage showing an accident could be erased or recorded over. A Somerville truck accident lawyer could work quickly to gather and preserve evidence so that will be ready for use in negotiations or at trial. Delays could make it more difficult to obtain the evidence necessary to prove causation and recover damages.

Compensation for Medical Losses in a Truck Accident Lawsuit

Those suffering injuries in a truck accident may be eligible to receive compensation to offset a variety of different consequences stemming from the collision. These include both economic losses and noneconomic factors that do not have an easily quantifiable equivalent.

Damages may be awarded to cover economic expenses such as lost wages due to time missed from work, medical bills, future healthcare needs, reduced future earnings, and modifications that may be needed to the home. An attorney with experience handling truck cases could also help recover damages for intangible factors such as emotional anguish, pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Work with a Dedicated Somerville Truck Accident Attorney

A truck accident can leave you with permanent physical and emotional injuries. It is only fair to shift some of the losses from the accident to the parties responsible.

A Somerville truck accident lawyer could help you receive compensation to help with future needs and reduce some of your worries and concerns for yourself and your family. If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a truck accident, talk to an experienced truck accident and personal injury attorney in Somerville today at (617) 925-6407 to learn more about your options for recovery.