Should You Settle Your Boston Car Accident Claim?

When a motor vehicle collision occurs, the party responsible for the accident may be liable and required to pay the victim compensation for damages. The defendant and their insurance company may offer a settlement, but often it does not compensate the full value of the injured claimant’s damages.

Following an accident, individuals should seek help from a dedicated car accident attorney. They could help you understand the nuances of settling a Boston car accident claim. Speak with a skilled attorney to learn about how you may be eligible to recover compensation for your damages.

Options For Settlement

For a car accident settlement, the Cambridge car accident lawyer will put together a settlement package and submit it to the negligent driver’s insurance company with a compensation demand. The settlement demand is in a letter form explaining exactly what the reasons are, both under the law and the facts of the case, why the insurance company’s insured is legally responsible for causing this accident and causing the victim’s injuries. it will also explain exactly the extent of the losses that the person sustained, the extent of the pain, and the impact it has had on their life. it will issue a proposed settlement amount that would begin the settlement negotiation process.

The dedicated car accident lawyer would then follow up and try and engage the insurance adjuster in a dialogue that will result in a settlement offer being made. The Wakefield car accident lawyer will reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Another option for settling a Boston car accident claim would include alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation. In mediation, a mediator is a neutral party who can try and facilitate a settlement dialogue and encourage and assist the parties in trying to reach a compromise amount that both sides can live with and would agree to settle. In cases where an uninsured car caused the accident or in cases where there is a claim for underinsured motorist benefits, if there is no agreement to settle the case, then the claimant has a right under the policy to arbitrate their claim. The court can appoint an arbitrator, and then the arbitrator would conduct an arbitration hearing and issue a decision.

Important Information to Bring to a Lawyer

Before settling a Boston car accident claim, there is specific information that a person should take when going to an initial consultation with the Malden car accident lawyer. They will need a copy of their coverage selection page, which is a sheet that they get when they purchase or renew their auto insurance policy and that lists the policy number and all of the different itemized insurance coverages they have. They should bring with them a copy of the police report or the information about the other car that was involved in the car accident. This includes the car, the license plate, the registration of the car that would show who the owner was, who the insurance company is, and the driver’s license information for the driver of the car.

The other information to have is their health insurance card, whether it is private insurance, Medicare, or MassHealth. If they have lost wages, or anticipate that they are going to lose wages for a period of time because of their injuries and their medical treatment, they should bring a pay stub that would have the information as far as their salary or hourly rate and the correct name and address of their employer.

Individuals should bring anything that they receive from the hospital or their doctor concerning the diagnosis. They should also have information about the treatment they had, the addresses for the medical providers, and physical therapy clinics where they received or will be receiving treatment. a knowledgeable Somerville car accident attorney can easily document that and send out the appropriate requests with medical authorizations to obtain the medical records, office notes, and bills to make sure that they were submitted to the appropriate insurance companies.

The Settlement Process

The settlement process in Boston occurs when a person finishes their medical treatment or reaches a plateau where they have finished in the active treatment. The attorney for the injured person will collect all of the medical records and bills, organize them, and prepare a settlement demand letter explaining exactly the reasons why the other driver was at fault. it will explain the exact nature of the injuries and the damages that the injured party sustained, the cost of medical treatment, and their current status.

It will enumerate all of the injured claimant’s economic damages, such as medical bills and lost wages. it will explain the nature and extent of any non-economic damages that they sustained, such as scarring and disfigurement. it will include any relevant photographs and medical reports. an experienced personal injury lawyer in Boston will submit it and begin a negotiation. He or she may take the settlement demand to the insurance company, and their adjuster will make the settlement offer, report the offer to the injured claimant, and negotiate until they receive a final settlement demand.

The attorney will make sure any liens have been repaid. Then a release is prepared for the amount agreed to. it is signed, and then the insurance company for the negligent driver will issue a settlement check.

How a Car Accident Attorney Could Help

If you were involved in a car accident due to the negligent actions of another, you may be eligible to seek compensation. The at-fault driver may be held responsible in court and required to pay you compensation for your damages. it is best to seek help from a seasoned attorney following a motor vehicle crash. They could review the facts in your case, calculate your damages, and help you seek compensation.

Speak to an experienced Massachusetts personal injury lawyer to learn about settling a Boston car accident claim. Call today to get started.