Case Results

Motor Vehicle Accident - $95,000

School bus driver hit by another vehicle operated by third-party. Lumbar sprain and sciatica. Settlement of workers’ comp claim for $75,000 plus settlement of third-party claim for $20,000.

Motor Vehicle Accident Fractured Wrist/Fingers - $90,000

While talking to a pedestrian standing on the side of the road with the driver’s door open, the driver of a pick-up truck negligently allowed the truck to roll forward and knock the pedestrian to the ground. As a result, the truck’s rear tire rolled over the pedestrian’s left arm. The pedestrian sustained multiple injuries including a left wrist scaphoid fracture, fractured fingers of the left hand and multiple contusions/abrasions/lacerations. A lawsuit was filed against the operator and owner of the pick-up truck. The case settled at mediation.

Work Accident – Lower Back Injury - $90,000

Employee injured his lower back moving a heavy desk at work. MRI confirmed a disc herniation at L4-5. Employee underwent back surgery and received physical therapy post-surgery. Employee settled his workers’ compensation claim with liability accepted for future medical treatment. In addition, employee successfully applied for SSDI benefits.

Car Accident – Shoulder Injury - $90,000

Driver injured her shoulder when her car was rear-ended by another car. MRI confirmed a torn rotator cuff, and client underwent a shoulder arthroscopy.

Pedestrian Car Accident - $85,000

Pedestrian was crossing the street in a crosswalk when she was hit by a car and causing her to fall to the ground. Pedestrian suffered multiple injuries including a rotator cuff tear that required surgery.

Motor Vehicle Accident - $77,500

Client hit by another vehicle that ran a red light. Facial contusion and knee sprain with plica requiring surgery. Defendant stipulated to liability when plaintiff moved for partial summary judgment on liability. Jury trial on damages only. Jury Verdict of $60,000 which was appealed with subsequent settlement of $77,500.

Lifting Injury at Work - $75,000

Truck driver injured lower back while opening heavy garage door. Lumbar sprain/strain. Settlement of workers’ comp claim for $75,000.

Work Accident – Right Elbow and Lower Back Injury - $70,000

Employee injured his right elbow while lifting a large piece of particle board at work. After received conservative medical treatment, employee eventually underwent right elbow surgery consisting of right lateral epicondylectomy with debridement and reattachment of the common extensor origin. Employee settled his workers’ compensation claim for $70,000 with liability accepted for future medical treatment.

Motorcycle Accident - $70,000

Motorcycle operator was hit by car making an illegal U-Turn causing motorcycle operator to be thrown from motorcycle and hit knee on ground. MRI confirmed a torn meniscus. Motorcycle operator treated conservatively including physical therapy and opted not to have knee surgery. Case settled.

Dog Bite – Hand Injury - $32,000

Client was walking her small dog in her neighborhood when her dog was attached and bitten by a very large German Shepard mix dog that broke away from a young boy who was unable to control the dog. Client to save her small dog and, in the process, suffered severe bite wounds to her right dominant hand. She sought medical treatment for five puncture wounds to her hand as a result of the dog bite. Her treating hand surgeon was concerned that client may develop flexor tenosynovitis and septic infection. Client was prescribed antibiotics immediately as a precaution and, ultimately, underwent hand surgery and was hospitalized for two nights with a course of IV antibiotics to treat her infection. Client was later diagnosed with polyneuropathy. Client suffered permanent impairment with reduced range of motion and function as a result of flexor tendon sheath damage. The case settled for $32,000.00.