Case Results

Work Accident – Wrist and Knee Injuries - $120,000

Employee was working as truck driver when he fell from the cab of his tractor trailer and injured his left wrist and right knee. The left wrist injury was diagnosed as a sprain/contusion. MRI confirmed a tear of the medial meniscus and posterior horn to the right knee. Employee underwent right knee arthroscopy to repair the torn meniscus. The workers comp claim settled for $120,000.00 with liability accepted for future medical treatment.

Slip and Fall Injury at Work - $120,000

Employee was caused to slip and fall on a wet bathroom floor and injured his shoulder and lower back. Employee underwent shoulder and elbow surgery. His lower back injury was treated with physical therapy and epidural steroid injections.

Slip and Fall on Ice at Work - $120,000

Employee was caused to slip and fall on ice at work while on break in parking lot of employer’s premises. Employee sustained fracture to the right scaphoid (wrist) and cervical and lumbar strain. Fracture required surgery consisting of open reduction, internal fixation and autogenous graft. Employee received physical therapy and occupational therapy. Workers’ comp claim settled for $40,000.00 with liability accepted for future medical treatment. Settled third-party claim against property management company and snow plow contractor for $80,000.00.

Lifting Injury at Work - $110,000

Employee injured her lower back while lifting heavy boxes at work. Lower back injury. Settlement of workers’ comp claim for $110,000.

Work Accident – Fall From Ladder - $100,000

Employee was working as a painter when he fell from a ladder and injured his lower back. Employee’s low back injury was treated non-surgically with physical therapy, pain and anti-inflammatory medication and epidural injection and blocks. The workers comp settled for $100,000 with liability accepted for future medical treatment.

Pedestrian Accident - $100,000

Pedestrian was crossing a public street when he was struck by a vehicle and sustained serious injuries to his right leg including an open fracture. He underwent surgery to repair the fractured leg. The case settled for $100,000.

Slip and Fall Wrist Fracture - $100,000

Client, who was employed by a staffing agency, slipped and fell on slippery concrete floor and sustained a comminuted distal radius fracture and ligament tear. Client underwent two wrist surgeries to repair the fracture and ligament tear. Third-party claim was settled pre-suit.

Work Accident - $100,000

Laundry worker injured wrist while loading washing machine. Left wrist (distal radius) fracture. Settlement of workers’ comp claim for $100,000.

Fall at Work - $100,000

Carpenter fell from elevated height while standing on load of OSB being lifted by Lull forklift. Left femur fracture and multiple fractures of the jaw, face, nose, mouth and teeth. Employee filed claim for Section 28 benefits alleging that accident caused by employer’s serious and willful misconduct. Client recovered from his injuries and was released to return to work. Settlement of workers’ comp claim for $100,000.

Car Accident – Cervical Fusion - $100,000

Client operating car with right of way sustained severe cervical spine injury when another driver attempted to take a left turn causing a collision. Client received conservative medical treatment and physical therapy to treat his neck injury. MRI confirmed a complex disc abnormality at C5-6 that was displacing the exiting nerve root. Client underwent anterior cervical discectomy and fusion at C6-7. Client settled his bodily injury claim for full policy limits of $100,000.