Case Results

Motor Vehicle Accident - $77,500

Client hit by another vehicle that ran a red light. Facial contusion and knee sprain with plica requiring surgery. Defendant stipulated to liability when plaintiff moved for partial summary judgment on liability. Jury trial on damages only. Jury Verdict of $60,000 which was appealed with subsequent settlement of $77,500.

Lifting Injury at Work - $75,000

Truck driver injured lower back while opening heavy garage door. Lumbar sprain/strain. Settlement of workers’ comp claim for $75,000.

Motorcycle Accident - $70,000

Motorcycle operator was hit by car making an illegal U-Turn causing motorcycle operator to be thrown from motorcycle and hit knee on ground. MRI confirmed a torn meniscus. Motorcycle operator treated conservatively including physical therapy and opted not to have knee surgery. Case settled.

Work Accident – Right Elbow and Lower Back Injury - $70,000

Employee injured his right elbow while lifting a large piece of particle board at work. After received conservative medical treatment, employee eventually underwent right elbow surgery consisting of right lateral epicondylectomy with debridement and reattachment of the common extensor origin. Employee settled his workers’ compensation claim for $70,000 with liability accepted for future medical treatment.