Case Results

Work Accident - $160,000

Laborer hit by bucket of excavator while working in sewer trench. Laceration of right arm and artery. Underwent emergency surgery to repair severed artery. Settlement of workers’ comp claim for $80,000 plus settlement of third-party claim for $80,000.

Back Injury at Work - $160,000

Bus Driver injured back pulling a wheel chair bound client up ramp. Multiple herniated discs to lumbar spine. Conservative treatment included epidural steroid injections. Workers comp case settled prior to Hearing. In addition, obtained Social Security Disability benefits for injured worker.

Work-Related Back Injury - $150,000

Employee injured his back working on a construction jobsite. A Lumbar MRI confirmed multilevel disc herniations at L3-4, L4-5 and L5-S1. After failing conservative treatment, Employee underwent back surgery. Employee’s back injury improved after his surgery, and he was deemed to have permanent partial impairment with a 25-pound lifting restriction.

Motorcycle Accident – Cervical Disc Herniation - $150,000

Motorcycle operator traveling straight on main road collided with a vehicle exiting a parking lot. Driver of the vehicle alleged that the motorcycle operator was speeding and that his view of the oncoming motorcycle was obstructed by trees at the opening of the parking lot. Upon impact, motorcycle operator was thrown onto the hood of the other vehicle and smashed the windshield. Motorcycle operator was wearing a helmet. Motorcycle operator injured his neck. An MRI confirmed significant stenosis at C5-7. Motorcycle operator underwent C5-7 cervical decompression and fusion surgery. A lawsuit was filed against the operator and owner of the other motor vehicle. The case settled at mediation.

Work Accident - $150,000

Laborer hit in jaw by debris thrown from window by co-worker. Fractured mandible and neck/back injury. Settlement of workers’ comp claim for $150,000.

Lifting Injury at Work - $150,000

Employee injured his lower back and suffered a herniated lumbar disc while lifting at work. Settlement of workers’ comp claim against two insurers for $150,000.

Lifting Injury at Work - $140,000

Employee injured both shoulders while lifting heavy bag of laundry at work. Bilateral rotator cuff tears with surgery to both shoulders. Settlement of workers’ comp claim for $140,000.

Motor Vehicle Accident Distal Humerus Fracture - $130,000

Rear-seated passenger in vehicle going straight that was hit by another vehicle making a left turn. Passenger sustained a fractured left arm (distal humerus fracture) and underwent open reduction with internal fixation surgery to repair the fracture. Following surgery, passenger received physical therapy. A lawsuit was filed against both drivers alleging that both drivers were negligent. The case settled at mediation.

Slip and Fall on Ice at Work - $120,000

Employee was caused to slip and fall on ice at work while on break in parking lot of employer’s premises. Employee sustained fracture to the right scaphoid (wrist) and cervical and lumbar strain. Fracture required surgery consisting of open reduction, internal fixation and autogenous graft. Employee received physical therapy and occupational therapy. Workers’ comp claim settled for $40,000.00 with liability accepted for future medical treatment. Settled third-party claim against property management company and snow plow contractor for $80,000.00.

Slip and Fall Injury at Work - $120,000

Employee was caused to slip and fall on a wet bathroom floor and injured his shoulder and lower back. Employee underwent shoulder and elbow surgery. His lower back injury was treated with physical therapy and epidural steroid injections.