Case Results

Work Accident – Concussion and Low Back Injury - $225,000

Employee was moving a heavy cement mixer when he was caused to fall backwards and landed on a concrete floor striking his head, neck and back. Employee lost consciousness for a brief period of time. Employee sustained multiple injuries including concussion, Post-Concussive Syndrome, Post-Whiplash Syndrome of the cervical spine, lumbosacral sprain and strain with right-sided sciatica, disc herniation at L5-S1 and disc protrusions at L3-4 and L4-5 and aggravation of pre-existing depression and anxiety. Employee’s injuries were treated non-surgically. The workers comp claim settled for $225,000 with liability accepted for future medical treatment.

Electric Table Saw Accident at Work - $200,000

Carpenter suffered a partial amputation of the left hand while operating an electric saw at work. Client required multiple surgeries. Settlement of workers’ comp claim for $200,000.

Work Related Knee Injury - $195,000

Pipe fitter twisted his knee while descending stairs on job site. As a result, Employee sustained a torn right medial meniscus. Employee underwent multiple arthroscopic surgeries to repair the torn meniscus. Eventually, Employee underwent a total knee replacement of the right knee. Claim settled prior to a Hearing for permanent and total workers compensation benefits under MGL c. 152, §34A. As part of the settlement, Insurer accepted liability for Employee’s right knee meniscal tear, right knee arthroscopies, aggravation of right knee medial and patellofemoral osteoarthritis and right total knee replacement.

Work Accident – Knee Injury - $185,000

Employee was working as a truck driver when he injured his left knee while exiting the cab of his tractor trailer. MRI confirmed a complex tear of the medical meniscus. Employee underwent left knee arthroscopy. The workers comp claim settled for $185,000 with liability accepted for future medical treatment.

Work Accident – Wrist Injury - $182,000

Employee was working as a machine operator on a metal cutting machine which required him to do repetitive bending and squeezing with his hands and upper extremity to cut pieces of metal. Employee developed a right wrist sprain, tendinitis and ulnar neuropathy as a result of repetitive trauma to his right wrist as a result of repeatedly bending. twisting and squeezing pieces of metal. Employee ‘s right wrist injury was treated initially with splinting, physical therapy and cortisone injections. Eventually, Employee underwent surgery consisting of right first dorsal compartment release. Employee had a second surgery consisting of ulnar nerve decompression. The workers comp claim settled for $47,000.00 with liability accepted for future medical treatment. The third-party claim settled for $135,000.00.

Work Related Trip and Fall Accident Left Hip Total Arthroplasty - $175,000

Employee tripped and fell at work and hit his left knee and aggravated a prior work-related left hip injury. Employee eventually had to undergo a total left hip replacement surgery. Case settled with liability accepted for both the left knee and left hip injury/aggravation and left hip replacement surgery. Employee was also approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

Motor Vehicle Accident - $175,000

Elderly passenger in motor vehicle (common carrier) thrown to floor as a result of driver of common carrier making a sharp turn at high speed. Fractured hip requiring hip surgery. Filed a lawsuit and obtained a Court Order for Speedy Trial. Settlement of $175,000.

Slip and Fall - $167,500

Elderly pedestrian slipped and fell on unnatural accumulation of ice caused by discharge of water coming from nearby house basement onto a public sidewalk. Fractured hip requiring surgery. Settlement of $167,500 at mediation.

Work Accident - $160,000

Laborer hit by bucket of excavator while working in sewer trench. Laceration of right arm and artery. Underwent emergency surgery to repair severed artery. Settlement of workers’ comp claim for $80,000 plus settlement of third-party claim for $80,000.

Back Injury at Work - $160,000

Bus Driver injured back pulling a wheel chair bound client up ramp. Multiple herniated discs to lumbar spine. Conservative treatment included epidural steroid injections. Workers comp case settled prior to Hearing. In addition, obtained Social Security Disability benefits for injured worker.