Case Results

Work Accident – Lacerations of Arm and Fingers - $377,500

Employee was working as a carpenter and operating a radial chop saw when he sustained a severe laceration to his left dominant forearm. The chop saw did not have a blade guard. Employee sustained multiple injuries including laceration left forearm, laceration of the extensor tendon to the left index and middle fingers and acute radial nerve palsy of the left hand. Employee underwent surgery consisting of flexor carpi radialis tendon transfer. Employee sustained an eighteen percent impairment of the left dominant upper extremity. The workers comp claim settled for $220,000 with liability accepted for future medical treatment. The third-party claim settlement for $157,500.

Work-Related Hand/Arm Laceration - $310,000

Employee worked as a carpenter and commercial window installer. While removing an old window on a jobsite, the glass shattered causing a severe hand/arm laceration including nerve and tendon laceration. Employee later developed carpal tunnel syndrome and underwent multiple surgeries to his hand and arm.

Work Accident – Low Back Injury - $275,000

Employee was working as an electrician when he injured his lower back while lifting a heavy PVC pipe. MRI confirmed that Employee sustained a large disc herniation at L5-S1 with S1 nerve root compression. Employee underwent back surgery consisting of an L5-S1 discectomy. Following surgery, Employee continued to experience significant back pain and left-sided sciatica. An EMG confirmed chronic left S1 radiculopathy. The workers comp claim settled for $275,000 with liability accepted for future medical treatment.

Construction Accident - $275,000

Working foreman injured his right dominant shoulder while using a jackhammer. MRI confirmed partial-thickness rotator cuff tear. Employee underwent right shoulder arthroscopy to repair the rotator cuff tear. Post-surgery Employee continued to suffer severe, persistent pain in the right shoulder and right upper extremity. Employee’s chronic pain was diagnosed as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), a serious pain condition also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) and Causalgia. In addition to his physical injuries, Employee also developed anxiety and depression related to severe, constant pain caused by CRPS. Claim was settled at a mediation on a lump sum payment basis with liability accepted for payment of future medical treatment for the above physical and non-physical conditions.

Work Related Back Injury - $275,000

Employee injured his lower back while lifting a heavy aluminum platform with co-workers. Previously, Employee injured his lower back and underwent back surgery while working for the same employer. Employee received conservative medical treatment for his second back injury. Employee’s medical expert opined that he suffered a permanent exacerbation of his prior underlying back condition and, as a result, was permanently and totally disabled from all work including light, sedentary work. Claim settled prior to a Hearing for permanent and total workers compensation benefits under MGL c. 152, §34A with liability accepted for disc bulges at L3-4 and L4-5, chronic low back pain, exacerbation of prior work-related low back injury status post- surgery.

Fall at Construction Site - $250,000

Boilermaker fell from elevated height. Suffered left ankle fracture and back injury. Filed a lawsuit against the general contractor for failing to ensure that client was provided with fall protection. Third party claim settled at mediation for $250,000 with waiver of workers’ comp lien of $207,399.49.

Rotator Cuff Tear - $250,000

Animal Lab Technician at hospital injured shoulder at work pulling a cart. Employee suffered a rotator cuff tear. Employee underwent multiple shoulder surgeries. Employee developed adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder. Workers comp case settled prior to Hearing for employee’s claim for permanent and total disability benefits. In addition, obtained Social Security Disability benefits for injured worker.

Motor Vehicle Pedestrian Accident - $250,000

Pedestrian hit by car while crossing street in marked crosswalk. Suffered comminuted left tibial fracture requiring surgery. Settlement of $250,000 (policy limits) at mediation.

Work Accident – Electric Shock Injury - $240,000

Employee was working as a laborer for a bridge contractor. Employee sustained an electric shock injury when he was connecting a mixing bit to an electric drill while standing in an excavated pit that had pools of water from rain. Employee sustained multiple injuries including electric shock injury, rotator cuff tear right shoulder, post-operative adhesive capsulitis right shoulder, back contusion, back and neck sprain, left leg neuropathic pain, memory loss, anxiety and depression and Post-Traumatic Syndrome Disorder (PTSD). Employee underwent surgery to repair the rotator cuff tear. The workers comp claim settled for $240,000 with liability accepted for future medical treatment.

Work-Related Laceration and Subsequent Amputation of Toes - $225,000

Employee was pushing a linen cart which rolled over his foot and cut his lower leg. Employee was diabetic and developed a severe infection of his left foot necessitating the amputation of all his toe