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You have a right to pursue compensation for injuries that occur while you are on the job. When you are injured at work, you typically must file claim for Workers’ Compensation benefits. The process for recovering Workers’ Compensation benefits is different than recovering compensation through a personal injury claim.

Workers’ Compensation benefits can cover damages stemming from a wide range of work injuries. The assistance of an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer can be valuable when pursuing benefits. An attorney can assess your case and fight for the full range of compensation available to you.

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Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits Available in Milton

There are multiple types of Workers’ Compensation benefits available to claimants in Milton. The type of benefits awarded will depend on the extent of injuries suffered in your case. Our Milton Workers’ Compensation lawyers can help determine which of the following benefits apply to your case:

Permanent and Total Incapacity Benefits

In some cases, employees will no longer be able to perform any type of work because of their work-related illness or injury. In such cases, claimants may recover permanent and total incapacity benefits. These benefits will pay 66% of the claimant’s average weekly wage, subject to a cost-adjustment each year.

Temporary Total Incapacity Benefits

Temporary total incapacity benefits may be recovered if a claimant if unable to work for at least 6 days because of work-related injury or illness. This type of benefit awards 60% of a claimant’s average weekly wage earned in the year before their injury. This category of benefits may only be paid for up to 156 weeks after an injury.

Temporary Partial Incapacity Benefits

Partial incapacity refers to situations where a claimant is unable to work as much as they did before because of their work-related injury or illness. This category of benefits pays up to 60% of a victim’s average weekly wage and payments can last up to 260 weeks.

Permanent Partial Incapacity Benefits

Claimants may also recover benefits for a permanent partial incapacity.  This type of benefits compensates victims for permanent injuries that inhibit their ability to perform the same work they did before their injury but do not prevent them from working entirely.  For example, a victim who lost an arm or leg because of a work-related injury would be able to recover permanent partial incapacity benefits.  Injured workers typically recover these damages in a set amount dictated by statute.

Evidence Needed to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Milton

If you suffered a work-related injury, there are numerous types of evidence that may be used to prove your claim. Claimants should collect the following evidence after suffering a workplace injury:

  • Unpaid medical bills
  • Medical reports
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Accident reports
  • Documentation of income history

Claimants will be required to attach copies of the aforementioned evidence to their claim. However, the process for recovering relevant evidence can be difficult. Important documents can be lost and details surrounding an accident can be forgotten. Accordingly, injured workers should contact our Milton Workers’ compensation as soon as possible after their injury for help building their case.

Common Types of Work-Related Injuries in Milton

Work-related injuries can occur in any situation. The amount of benefits awarded in your case will depend on the extent of injuries suffered. Some injuries may be minor while others can produce life-long affects. Our Milton Workers’ Compensation lawyers can help recover benefits for workers who sustained any of the following injuries:

Broken Bones

Workers can suffer broken bones caused by forced trauma or overuse. Common causes of broken bones are falls, falling objects, defective equipment, and vehicle crashes. In more severe cases, victims who suffer broken bones will require surgical treatment. Those who suffer broken bones on the job may recover compensation for their injuries.


Burn injuries can occur when workers come into contact with heat, steam, electricity, chemicals, radiation, or sunlight. Burn injuries are frequently suffered by construction workers and mechanics. All burn injuries are painful, and some can be fatal. Injured workers may recover Workers’ Compensation benefits after suffering a burn injuries on the job.

Lacerations and Punctures

Lacerations and punctures are also common types of work-related injuries. Lacerations refer to deep cuts and tears in the skin. Punctures are wounds caused by pointed objects such as nails. Punctures can be more severe than they appear on the surface.

Lacerations and punctures are often suffered by employees working in manufacturing jobs or restaurant industry jobs. Our Milton Workers’ Compensation lawyers can help file a claim if you suffered a laceration or puncture injury while at work.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are a very common form of work-related injury. Soft tissue injuries refer to sprains and strains of muscles and ligaments. Such injuries can be very painful and debilitating. The following are examples of activities that may lead to work-related soft tissue injuries:

  • Lifting excessive weight
  • Pushing, pulling, or carrying heavy weights
  • Collisions
  • Slipping or tripping
  • Awkward movements
  • Repetitive motion

Soft tissue injuries will often cause victims to miss work. Our Milton Workers’ Compensation lawyers can help recover benefits related to workers’ soft tissue injuries.

Eye Injuries

Additionally, eye injuries are a common type of work-related injury that occurs in Milton. Eye injuries can happen in nearly any occupation. Such injuries can be caused by foreign objects or chemicals making their way into a victim’s eye. Employees who suffer eye injuries on the job will qualify for Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Cumulative or Continuous Trauma Injuries

Cumulative or continuous trauma describes injuries that occur because of repetitive activities. These injuries are common for workers who have long careers in manual labor. The following are common examples of cumulative or continuous trauma injuries:

  • Tendonitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tennis elbow
  • Back injuries

Our Milton Workers’ Compensation lawyers can help recover benefits if you suffered cumulative or continuous trauma injuries while at work.

Mental Health Injuries

In some cases, victims may suffer mental health injuries such as PTSD because of an incident at work. In order to recover damages related to mental health injuries, employees must undergo a medical evaluation.

If You Were Injured on the Job in Milton, Our Lawyers Can Help

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