Medical Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident in Boston

When preparing an injury claim, victims may find it increasingly difficult to obtain compensation for injuries without proper knowledge of the law. In fact, without understanding how civil law works, they may make significant mistakes throughout the injury claims process, and even in the moments following an accident. Fortunately, a skilled Boston car accident attorney could provide you with assistance. If you were injured in an auto wreck and are planning to file a compensation claim, learn more about the medical mistakes to avoid after a Boston car accident.

Consequences of Refusing Medical Treatment

Refusing immediate medical treatment is a mistake from the standpoint of the person’s own health and safety. Due to a person’s increase in adrenaline following an accident, they may not feel any injuries in the moments right after a crash. This may cause someone to deny medical attention. Moreover, depending on the severity of their injuries at the scene, if they suffered a concussion and they are not thinking clearly, they might not make the best decisions for their own healthcare and wellbeing.

Regarding a personal injury claim, refusing medical treatment could be a disastrous mistake. If the victim brings forth a legal claim, the insurance adjuster and their attorney may try and use the fact that the injured person refused medical treatment at the scene to diminish the severity and extent of the injuries. This could potentially discredit the injured person’s case in the eyes of the jury.

Failure to Follow Doctor’s Orders

Failure to adhere to a doctor’s orders is one of the many medical mistakes to avoid after a Boston car accident. If a doctor prescribes a medication, diagnostic testing, seeing a specialist or going to therapy, and the victim chooses to not listen to the doctor, a person’s injury case could be weakened. Not only is the failure to follow a doctor’s bad for one’s health, but it could also negatively impact a person’s injury case.

How Does a Treatment Gap Affect a Person’s Case

A treatment gap could also have an unfavorable impact on a person’s car crash injury claim. If there is a significant gap between medical treatments, the insurance adjuster and the jury may have questions regarding the reason for the gap, the reason that the person resumed treatment, and the legitimacy of the resumed treatment. it could also be brought into question whether if medical treatment is necessary, or whether the person has gone back to treatment only to build up a legal claim.

In these types of cases, a plaintiff’s credibility could be challenged in the eyes of the insurance adjuster who has to evaluate the case for settlement. The jury could also see the plaintiff’s actions as questionable and would take that into account when making a final verdict

Contact an Attorney Today

When filing an injury claim, it is important for someone to minimize as many mistakes as possible. In order to do so, retaining the services of an experienced auto injury attorney may be necessary. One of the benefits of working with a Sommerville car accident lawyer when preparing for a civil claim is that you would be working with someone who has been involved in similar cases in the past.

With this type of knowledge and awareness of civil law, a lawyer may be able to help you file a successful injury claim. For more information on the medical mistakes to avoid after a Boston car accident, or for legal assistance, contact an attorney today.