How Long Does It Take to Settle a Workers’ Comp Case in MA?

Those who have been injured on the job in Massachusetts are entitled to benefits. However, it is crucial for those seeking compensation to understand the timeline for settling a Workers’ Compensation claim.

A Workers’ Compensation claim in Massachusetts can take weeks or even years. Victims should report injuries immediately and file a claim to ensure that no time is wasted. The review process usually takes several weeks initially, but the timeframe will depend on the facts of each case. Working with our firm is the best way of settling your claim as quickly as possible.

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How Long Will It Take to Settle a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Massachusetts?

The settlement process for Workers’ Compensation relies on various factors that come into play. The process can be prolonged due to several steps before settling. Assuming that the claim is valid and approved by the insurance provider, the settlement can take up to six months before it is finalized.

As per the regulations of Massachusetts, it is mandatory for employees to report any injury within 90 days of its occurrence. This rule sets an obligation for the employees to inform their employer if they suffer from any injury while on the job. Consequently, a worker who has been injured must notify their employer of the incident or condition within 90 days from when it happened or from the date they discovered the relation between their ailment and their work.

Employers and insurers rely on timely reporting of workplace incidents to initiate investigations and provide medical care and compensation. Failure to report within the 90-day time frame might result in loss of compensation for medical expenses and lost income. Adhering to the 90-day rule ensures that employees’ claims remain valid and they maintain eligibility for financial assistance.

Once a claim is filed, the Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier will review it, which might take several weeks or months, depending on the case’s complexity and legitimacy. If the carrier denies a claim, the process might end there, but if an employee intends to sue, it could take months or even years. While the initial stages of Workers’ Compensation claims are standard, the time it takes to settle each claim varies on a case-by-case basis.

Steps to Settling a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Massachusetts

When someone is injured at work, it is crucial that they receive compensation as quickly as possible. However, the process of settling a Workers’ Compensation claim can be lengthy. It is important to partner with our team to ensure that the process runs smoothly and there are no unnecessary holdups. Our experienced Quincy, MA Workers’ Compensation attorneys can assist you with documenting your injuries, submitting your claim, and appealing it if necessary.

Document Your Injuries

Before submitting a Workers’ Compensation claim in Massachusetts, it is essential to carefully document any injuries sustained. Despite the fact that employees have a 90-day window to report injuries to their employer in Massachusetts, it is recommended that you notify your employer of an accident as soon as possible. Delaying the reporting of your injuries might cause your damages to appear insignificant. If you are experiencing difficulties reporting your injuries to your employer, you might wish to seek assistance from a Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation lawyer.

Once injuries have been reported to your employer, it is important for injured Massachusetts workers to seek medical attention. Documentation of injuries by medical professionals is critical for a successful Workers’ Compensation claim. In Massachusetts, employers might provide workers with a list of approved physicians to consult.

It is important that you visit one of your employer’s approved physicians within 90 days of the injury. Failure to do so might result in the rejection of your Workers’ Compensation claim. Unfortunately, many injured Massachusetts workers are unaware of this, which can cause them to lose access to critical benefits. An experienced attorney can assist you in meeting all necessary reporting deadlines and ensuring that your injuries are thoroughly documented immediately after a workplace accident.

File Your Claim

If you’ve suffered an injury at work in Massachusetts, filing a Workers’ Compensation claim can be a daunting and lengthy process. You will need to provide detailed information about the circumstances of the accident, along with medical evidence of your injuries. Gathering all the necessary documentation can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

To make sure your claim is handled properly and expediently, it is best to work with our team of experts. We will start investigating your case right away and gather all the evidence needed to support your claim. Our attorneys will also guide you through the paperwork and ensure that everything is filed correctly and on time.

Review Your Claim

When filing for Workers’ Compensation, it might take some time to prepare your claim. However, it is important to note that employers and insurance carriers have a limited amount of time to review it. While waiting for a decision, injured workers in Massachusetts might experience financial strain due to their inability to work and earn an income to support their families. To speed up the claims review process, it might be helpful to have an attorney compile the necessary information beforehand to build a strong claim. If you have not received a decision within 21 days of filing, it is recommended that you contact our firm immediately.

File an Appeal If Necessary

If you were denied Workers’ Compensation, you might have the option to file an appeal in Massachusetts. The state allows for a three-year timeframe to submit a claim petition after being denied benefits. The appeals process can be lengthy and typically involves a hearing with a Workers’ Compensation judge. In some cases, the judge might suggest an alternative dispute resolution to reach a settlement. If this fails, the judge might make a decision on the case themselves.

If the judge’s ruling is unsatisfactory, Massachusetts victims can take their appeal to the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board. After a decision is made, either party can file an additional appeal.

Unfortunately, the appeals process can take months or even years, which can be too long for many Massachusetts workers who need their benefits. To expedite the process and avoid delays, it is recommended to hire a skilled Peabody, MA Workers’ Compensation lawyer following a workplace injury.

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