How Long Do Traffic Cameras Keep Footage of Accidents in Boston?

After a Boston car accident, it’s important for victims to gather any evidence that could support their claim. That includes potential traffic camera footage, which may only be available for a short period of time, if at all.

Don’t expect the live traffic cameras found in Boston and maintained by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) to keep footage of a recent car accident. The same can be said for red-light and speed cameras, which currently do not exist in Boston and throughout Massachusetts.  If you need access to traffic camera footage or private security camera footage after a car accident, hire a Boston attorney. Your lawyer can help you recover the necessary information and use it to prove a negligent driver’s fault in a compensation claim.

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How Long Does MassDOT Store Traffic Camera Footage of Boston Car Accidents?

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation maintains live traffic cameras throughout the state, often in populated cities like Boston. These cameras stream live footage of popular roadways and highways so that drivers and MassDOT itself can remain abreast of traffic delays and other issues. If you noticed a MassDOT live traffic camera near your recent Boston car accident site, it’s important to know whether or not you can access the footage.

The possibility of a MassDOT traffic camera filming a car accident can be encouraging for Boston victims, especially those requiring compensation for their injuries. Unfortunately, it is uncommon for MassDOT to store footage from these live traffic cameras. MassDOT also does not provide a clear method for car accident victims to access such footage. Remember, these MassDOT traffic cameras stream live video to keep drivers updated on traffic situations in Boston and throughout the state. Their purpose is not to film and store footage of car accidents that might occur.

Third-party websites might store footage from MassDOT live traffic cameras, but such information may not be reliable. If there is a traffic camera near the site of your recent collision, call a Malden car accident lawyer. If MassDOT does happen to store footage of your crash, an attorney can file a public records request with the department immediately after an accident.

Do Red-Light Cameras or Speed Cameras Keep Photos of Boston Car Accidents?

Some states allow local law enforcement agencies and municipalities to install red-light and speed cameras to identify negligent drivers and subsequently ticket them. Currently, Massachusetts is not one of those states. While proposals on the state and city levels have been made to allow these specific traffic cameras, currently, there are no red-light or speed cameras in Boston that could photograph or store information regarding a car accident.

Red-light cameras exist to deter reckless driving and keep the roads safe. Generally monitored and controlled by local law enforcement agencies, red-light cameras tend to sit atop stoplights in particularly busy intersections. While these cameras don’t film video footage, they do snap photos when triggered. Speed cameras operate similarly, only taking photographs when negligent drivers pass a sensor driving over the speed limit. While both speed cameras and red-light cameras are designed to deter reckless driving and reduce car accident injuries, opponents have concerns over law enforcement agencies’ ability to ticket drivers using these cameras. Because of this, red-light and speed cameras are still not expressly permitted for use in Boston.

While this can be frustrating for Boston victims, it may be comforting to learn that red-light and speed cameras rarely photograph collisions, as they must be triggered to take pictures. While these cameras are not currently in Boston, they could be in the future. Lawmakers have discussed permitting local law enforcement agencies to install red-light and speed cameras to deter reckless driving and prevent collisions. To stay updated on potential changes to Massachusetts’ red-light and speed camera use, reach out to an experienced Peabody car accident lawyer.

What if You Can’t Access Traffic Camera Footage of Your Boston Car Accident?

Unfortunately, Boston victims can’t rely on potential video footage or photographs from traffic cameras to help them succeed in a car accident lawsuit against a negligent driver. If you could not access footage of your car accident in time, or it never existed in the first place, don’t worry. Your Boston car accident attorney can uncover other evidence that can be just as helpful in proving a negligent driver’s fault.

Because MassDOT and other agencies are unlikely to keep traffic camera footage and photographs of a car accident for long, if at all, victims are often unable to access such information. As that is often the norm, your Salem car accident lawyer will be prepared to find evidence of negligence elsewhere.

After a car accident, look around. Do you see private security cameras? Do you see eyewitnesses filming or photographing your crash? Your attorney can get in contact with local businesses or homeowners to request access to private security camera footage and speak with eyewitnesses about what they saw. Such information can be just as valuable as traffic camera footage in a Boston compensation claim against a negligent driver.

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