How Long Do the Symptoms of Whiplash Last After a Car Accident?

Whiplash is a typical injury associated with car accidents. Whiplash can be caused by very serious accidents or minor fender benders. Symptoms from whiplash can be very painful or even debilitating in severe cases. How people experience whiplash is unique to the person, and how long your symptoms last can be unpredictable.

Whiplash symptoms may alleviate in a few days, a few weeks, a few months, or even a few years. Some people suffer long-term chronic pain after a car accident. Once you begin to experience whiplash symptoms, you must see a doctor and continue seeing doctors for as long as your symptoms persist. Your symptoms might change as time goes on. The more painful your symptoms and the longer they last, the more damages you can typically claim in a lawsuit against another driver.

If you were injured in a car accident, you might experience whiplash symptoms for a relatively short or long time. Each case is unique, and it is not easy to predict how long your symptoms will persist. Our Boston car accident attorneys can help you assess your symptoms and calculate damages. Call the Law Office of John J. Sheehan at (617) 925-6407 to discuss your case in a free legal consultation.

When Does Whiplash Happen and How Long Can it Last?

Whiplash is a fairly common injury associated with car accidents. The injury occurs when a person’s head is very quickly and forcefully thrown backward, forward, or sideways. a car accident does not have to be very serious for a person to experience whiplash. Symptoms of whiplash are not often present immediately after the accident. Sometimes, people choose to forgo medical treatment because they believe they are unharmed, but they later experience pain from whiplash.

The duration of your whiplash symptoms will depend on how badly you were injured. Some people begin to feel better in a few days. Other people take weeks, months, or even years to fully recover. If your car was struck particularly hard, your whiplash symptoms could last a bit longer. However, the severity and duration of symptoms will vary from person to person. You could experience severe whiplash pain while your passenger is perfectly fine.

Keep an eye out for whiplash pain shortly after the accident. it may take a few hours or a day or two for symptoms to appear. If you begin to experience pain, see a doctor immediately. it is crucial to your potential lawsuit to document your symptoms as much as possible. The longer your symptoms last, the greater your damages could be. Call our Malden car accident lawyers for help dealing with your case.

Can Symptoms of Whiplash Change Over Time?

Medical conditions and symptoms may vary greatly between patients. Even patients who experienced very similar car accidents may have wildly different cases of whiplash. In some cases, whiplash symptoms take longer to fully develop, and pain can become worse over time.

There are more symptoms of whiplash than just neck pain. Injured drivers may also experience headaches, limited range of motion when turning their head, swelling, tenderness, numbness, back pain, vision problems, vertigo, dizziness, and more. Symptoms may take a day or two to appear and may change as you recover.

Symptoms might not all develop at once. You might notice some swelling in your neck and pain a day or two after your car accident. Later on, the pain could become much worse, and you might develop headaches or experience vertigo upon standing. While some of these symptoms do not require immediate medical attention, you should inform your doctor of all your symptoms. Regular doctor visits may be necessary to update your physician about your condition as you recover.

As your whiplash symptoms develop and change, you may find yourself more limited in certain aspects of your life. For example, you might have to take time off from work because you cannot drive due to a severely limited range of motion. Intense pain may make it difficult to do simple tasks like grocery shopping or taking your kids to school. Call our Somerville car accident attorney about your symptoms today. Our team can help you calculate the value of your damages.

Should I Wait to File a Lawsuit for Damages Related to Whiplash Symptoms?

Since whiplash symptoms could potentially last for a long time, you might be thinking that waiting to file a lawsuit could work in your favor. by waiting, you will have a more accurate picture of how severe your injuries are, the costs of your medical care, and the impact your whiplash symptoms have had on your life. While this could be true, you also need to consider the statute of limitations on your case and whether there will be any evidence of your case later on.

Depending on what state you are in, the statute of limitations for a car accident case could be a few years. Many states impose limits of about 3 years, although some states have opted for longer statutes of limitations and others shorter. You should discuss whether waiting to sue is a good strategy for your case with our whiplash attorneys and make sure you do not allow the statute of limitations to run out.

You also need to consider the availability of evidence as time goes on. Some evidence, like your own medical records, will last indefinitely. Other evidence, like eyewitness testimony, may degrade over time. For example, an eyewitness will better recall the accident if you begin your lawsuit right away. If you wait 2 years, that same witness might have trouble remembering exactly what they saw.

Call Our Whiplash Attorneys About Your Case

If you suffered from whiplash after a car accident, your symptoms could still be ongoing. The longer your symptoms last, the greater your damages. Contact our Wakefield car accident attorneys about your case today. Call the Law Office of John J. Sheehan at (617) 925-6407 to discuss your case in a free legal consultation.