How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Boston

If you were injured on the job, you may be entitled to benefits as you recover from your injury. In order to receive benefits for an injury, you will need to file a workers’ compensation claim. There are many forms and documentation that need to be filed in support of your claim. a knowledgeable workers’ comp attorney could help with filing a Boston workers’ compensation claim to make the process easier for you as you recover from your injuries.

How to File a Workers’ Comp Claim

To file a workers’ compensation application, a person has to fill out a TIA form 110 employee claim and include all supporting documents. For example, if the claim is for payment of medical bills, treatment, and weekly workers’ compensation benefits while the employee’s disabled, then there will need to be copies of the relevant medical records. This includes the description of the injury, the examination notes, and the diagnosis that the doctor has made stating that the injury was work-related.

Additionally, individuals are required to provide a disability note from the treating doctor that states that the employee is disabled totally or partially. In cases of partial disability, it is best to have the partial disability note outlined what physical limitations the doctor is recommending such as lifting beyond a certain amount of weight, no prolonged standing, climbing, bending, things of that nature.

Filing a Boston workers’ compensation claim could be extremely complicated for an inexperienced claimant to try and do on his or her own. it is advisable that the injured worker consults an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer who will make sure that the claim is properly filed so that there is no delay and that the claimant has a good chance of success.

Important Considerations When Filing a Claim

An individual should be cautious of any communications from an insurance claims adjuster when filing a Boston workers’ compensation claim. If the injured worker is not represented by a seasoned lawyer, the claimant should not rely on or trust the insurance attorney or the insurance claims adjuster to be truthful. The individual should not sign anything that the claims adjuster or insurance attorney requests. He or she should seek consultation and representation with a workers’ compensation lawyer to ensure that he or she is not taken advantage of by an insurance claims adjuster.

How an Employee Can Be Taken Advantage Of

Occasionally, there are situations in which an employer asks the employee to not report to the incident and lie claiming that he or she was injured outside of work. The employer may then promise that they will pay for the injured workers’ medical bills or pay him or her while he or she is out of work. Unfortunately, these are usually false promises. Either the employer is trying not to report the claim to their insurance company, or perhaps they do not have workers’ comp coverage and is trying to pay off the injured worker.

The other thing the injured worker should be cautious of is if there are false promises made that the employer values him or her as a worker and wants him or her to come back. and that they will give the individual any accommodation for as long as he or she needs it. Often, the employer will put together a purported light on the job offer so that the injured worker will go back to work.

How a Boston Attorney Could Help with Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Filing a Boston workers’ compensation claim could be challenging to accomplish on your own. Injured employees should seek help from an experienced lawyer to understand your rights and to ensure your claim, as well as supporting documents, are correctly filed.

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