A Dilemma in the NFL and Workers’ Compensation

Boston MA Injury LawyerA post published on ESPN.com describes the problems that were confronting the National Football League because of a disagreement between the NFL Players Association and the league owners concerning the issue of workers’ compensation. Specifically, there was an argument regarding a bill in the Louisiana state legislature that the New Orleans Saints supported. When the bill passed the Louisiana House of Representatives, the NFL Players Association, and Drew Brees in particular, applied pressure to fight the bill before it reached the Louisiana Senate. The Executive Director of the NFL Players’ Association, DeMaurice Smith, also e-mailed agents advising the possible consequences of their players signing with the Saints. The controversial workers’ compensation bill was recently pulled from consideration for the current legislative session. The bill would have limited benefits from workers’ compensation based on the week that a player’s injury occurred.

Players in the National Football League receive their base salary in 17 installments, based on the 17 weeks in the regular season. The players’ association was against the proposed measure because it would have left football players in a precarious position for injuries that occurred during the offseason program, training camp, and the preseason. National Football League players tend to earn very little money when they are not participating in the regular season. The situation is additionally difficult because the opposing sides of the bill would have had to decide what would happen to injured players who were unlikely to be one of the 53 players to make the football team. However, due to the fact that the Louisiana state legislature will no longer consider the measure, it means that the two sides will have to work together to find a solution to the workers’ compensation issue. Read on to learn more from our Boston workers’ compensation lawyers.

Who does workers’ compensation protect in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, the law provides that workers’ compensation covers nearly all workers. Even those who work as volunteers or for no money can receive workers’ compensation, provided that the injury occurred while working. Workers’ compensation also applies to workers irrespective of their citizenship status; if you are an undocumented immigrant, do not believe–or let your company persuade you–that your lack of proper documentation prevents you from receiving your justly deserved benefits. Massachusetts provides information about workers’ compensation in English and Spanish.

What are the benefits for workers’ compensation in Massachusetts?

In general, there are a few typical benefits for workers’ compensation. There are medical benefits, which cover the medical expenses that workers receive to take care of their injuries. There are payment benefits that apply toward the salary that the injury prevents workers from earning. There are also vocational rehabilitation benefits, which pay for job training towards a new job if disability prevents workers from continuing their previous job. and workers’ compensation also provides for the possibility of death benefits that assist a spouse and any children if workers die while performing work activities. it is important to identify if you can get workers’ compensation and disability at the same time in Massachusetts and learn the difference between workers compensation disability and a personal injury lawsuit in Massachusetts.

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