Construction Worker Dies in Haverhill Construction Accident

The Essex County District Attorney announced on Tuesday that a Haverhill man had died during an accident at a construction site.

The employee was working on the roof of a building when he fell through an open elevator shaft in the construction zone. During the fatal incident, the individual fell nine stories and was pronounced dead at the scene. The multistory building that the employee worked on was part of a new development project by the Affordable Housing and Services Collaborate.

This story adds to the chorus of injuries and deaths at Massachusetts construction sites. As the state continues initiatives to revitalize vacant buildings, it is important construction workers are able to conduct their job in a safe manner.

This death reminds us of the dangers Massachusetts construction workers face daily. All construction workers should be able to approach their work without fearing for their life or health. If you or someone you know has been a victim of negligence at a Massachusetts construction site, you have a right to take action.

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