Choosing a Doctor After a Workplace Injury in Massachusetts

After experiencing a workplace injury in Massachusetts, it can be difficult to know how and where to receive the proper medical care. Although you have the option to choose your own doctor, many issues within the Workers’ Compensation system can result in uncovered medical expenses.

If you sustain an injury at work, finding the right healthcare provider is only the first step. It is possible that your initial visit will have to be with a doctor approved by your employer. Unfortunately, some doctors are declining to treat patients or not reimbursed their insurance due to problems within the Workers’ Compensation system. Even if you have a right to medical care, certain healthcare providers might refuse to accept payment from Workers’ Compensation insurance.

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Choosing a Doctor After Sustaining a Workplace Injury in Massachusetts

Getting Workers’ Compensation benefits after suffering a workplace injury in Massachusetts can prove challenging due to an often ineffective and wasteful system for injured workers. However, our Massachusetts workplace injury lawyers are here to ensure that you receive the medical care you are entitled to. Even if eligible, receiving necessary treatment under Massachusetts regulations can be difficult. This makes it crucial to seek prompt and appropriate treatment to prevent further harm.

Workers in Massachusetts with a Workers’ Compensation claim have the right to choose their medical provider. However, if the employer or their insurance company has a “Preferred Provider Agreement,” the first appointment must be at one of the preferred facilities. Afterward, the injured worker can schedule appointments with their preferred physician. It’s crucial to adhere to this process to avoid jeopardizing the Workers’ Compensation claim and causing problems for other injured workers.

Difficulties Securing a Doctor After a Workplace Injury in Massachusetts

Obtaining appropriate medical care and reimbursement can be a complex task without legal assistance, particularly in today’s world, where some medical practitioners might decline Workers’ Compensation as payment. This is due to the fact that doctors who accept Workers’ Compensation typically receive lower compensation rates than Medicare, resulting in less payment for their services. Unfortunately, this puts the injured worker in a difficult position as they try to obtain the necessary treatment.

It can be difficult to locate a doctor who is willing to treat a worker who has sustained an injury, as there are fewer providers available for Workers’ Compensation claims. As a result, it is critical to engage the services of our Massachusetts workplace injury attorneys immediately after experiencing a work-related injury. This search might result in the worker missing additional time from work and potentially exacerbating their injuries. If surgery is required but not performed soon after the injury, permanent damage might occur. Hiring a lawyer to represent the worker can assist in overcoming some of the obstacles to obtaining proper treatment.

It is conceivable that the healthcare provider is not the sole hindrance to obtaining entitled benefits. If the employer is preventing the worker from filing a claim or questioning the validity of the injury, seeking legal advice might be necessary. Employers generally prefer to pay insurance benefits rather than face a lawsuit to determine compensation in the case.

Ways That Our Massachusetts Workplace Injury Lawyers Can Support Your Case

If you have suffered an injury at work in Massachusetts, it is advisable to seek the guidance of a lawyer. Our team can assist you in obtaining the necessary medical treatment and can also help with your claim. Additionally, we can advocate on your behalf if you encounter any issues with receiving reimbursement for your medical expenses. Although it is not mandatory, having legal representation can be instrumental in navigating the process and addressing any complications that might arise. Our team is equipped to offer various forms of aid, as detailed below:

File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you have received medical attention, we are here to assist you with the process of filing your Workers’ Compensation claim. It is important to note that in Massachusetts, it is your responsibility as the claimant to file the claim, which might not be widely known. Although your employer is required to inform their Workers’ Compensation insurance provider of your injuries, you are responsible for handling the rest of the process, including meeting important deadlines for filing. This can be a daunting task for those who are unfamiliar with the claims process.

To avoid costly delays or the rejection of your claim, it is crucial to provide all necessary supporting documents and ensure that your paperwork is error-free. Our team is available to assist you in reviewing your case, identifying any missing evidence, and guiding you in obtaining it. By having well-organized and complete evidence, you can confidently submit your claim and increase the likelihood of its approval.

Appeal the Denial of a Claim

If your Workers’ Compensation claim is denied, employers and insurance companies are required to provide a valid reason for their decision. If this happens, our firm can assist you in challenging their decision. We can help you correct any clerical errors or gather the necessary paperwork to resubmit your claim.

If your claim is denied for valid reasons, you can choose to appeal the decision. Keep in mind that seeking legal guidance does not guarantee a favorable outcome. Your appeal will first be reviewed by a Workers’ Compensation judge, and you might have the option to appeal further to the Massachusetts state court. However, it’s important to address the underlying reasons for the denial, as the judge or court might uphold the rejection of your claim if these issues are not resolved.

Determine Whether Filing a Lawsuit is Necessary

There are situations where Workers’ Compensation might not be an option for individuals seeking compensation for work-related injuries. Despite this type of compensation generally barring lawsuits for such injuries, specific injuries might necessitate a lawsuit to obtain compensation. This is often true for independent contractors, who typically lack coverage under their employer’s insurance. Furthermore, if a third party who is not liable to the employer caused the injuries, a lawsuit is usually essential.

At times, filing a lawsuit is necessary to begin receiving medical treatment. Many doctors refuse treatment to injured workers, regardless of whether it is legal to do so, making it imperative to file a lawsuit to compel medical providers to offer treatment. Filing a lawsuit might also result in potential compensation for medical expenses. In certain instances, medical care might be accessible while waiting for a settlement or trial award.

Our Massachusetts Workplace Injury Lawyers Can Help

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