Benefits of a Boston Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you were injured in a workplace accident, you may require workers’ compensation to pay for your medical treatments and expenses during recovery. Unfortunately, insurance companies can be difficult to negotiate with, adding extra stress to an already difficult time.

One of the many benefits of a Boston workers’ compensation lawyer is the lawyer can do all the negotiating on your behalf. While you focus on recovery, the lawyer could handle all the paperwork and documentation to give you the best chance of receiving full benefits. If you need assistance with your workers’ compensation case, call a qualified workers’ compensation attorney today.

When do Most People First Contact an Attorney?

Some people seek legal representation shortly after an accident. Some may contact an attorney after they have been on workers’ compensation for a period of time. The attorney determines if the injured worker is being paid properly, but sometimes the injured worker already signed an agreement to extend the pay-without-prejudice period.

Sometimes, people go to a lawyer after their workers’ comp benefits are stopped. If they had contacted a lawyer to represent them earlier, however, the lawyer could have guided them, advised them, and made sure there were sufficient medical reports to support the workers’ comp claim. For example, if the person had a pre-existing back injury that was exacerbated by an incident at work, he or she will need a doctor’s report to explain how the work accident aggravated the pre-existing condition and that the work accident is a major cause of the disability and need for medical treatment.

Dangers of Underreporting Injuries

Whenever a person is injured at work and has to seek medical attention, he or she should report the work accident to the employer as soon as possible. The workers’ comp insurer may deny the claim if the employee did not report the accident right away.

For example, problems may arise in situations where a worker has multiple low-grade muscle sprains that do not disable them. Thinking that it is no big deal, the worker may not report it to his or her supervisor. Later, this same employee has an accident at work and injures his or her back. When the workers’ comp insurance company looks at the medical records and sees a history of treatment for back pain, the claims adjuster may deny the workers’ comp claim and say that the person had a pre-existing back injury. If the employee now tries to explain that all the prior treatment was work-related, the workers’ comp insurer may use the failure to report the prior accidents as a basis for denying the claim.

In order to avoid this type of problem, workers should always report accidents to their boss if they had to seek medical attention. That way there is a record that there was a work accident. Even if there is no lost time from work, the employee should make sure that workers’ comp pays for the medical treatment. One of the benefits of a Boston workers’ compensation lawyer is they can make sure an injured worker has proper documentation at every step of the way.

The Complexity of Workers’ Compensation Claims

The terminology related to workers’ compensation claims processing is complex. When a lawyer does not specialize in workers’ compensation, the terminology is confusing even to them. The injured worker often does not understand the forms or claims process without help from an attorney. They may not know where or how to file a claim if the employer does not report the injury to its insurance company. They do not know what medical reports have to be filed with the claim to get it processed. It is a mistake for an injured worker to try to handle the case him- or herself and not hire a lawyer. One of the benefits of a Boston workers’ compensation lawyer is that they could

What to Expect When Calling a Boston Workers’ Compensation Attorney

When you first call an attorney’s office, you should expect to give someone your contact information, a brief history of what happened, a brief description of your injuries, and whether you are currently being paid workers comp. After that, you could schedule an appointment to meet with or speak to an attorney.

If you are struggling with your workers’ compensation claim, you should consider contacting an experienced attorney for help. The consultation is free with no obligation. The longer you wait to call, the longer you wait to experience the benefits of a Boston workers’ compensation lawyer.