Boston Assembly Line Injury Lawyer

Factory assembly lines can present numerous hazards for workers, which can put them at significant risk for on-the-job injuries. Injured workers can face significant medical expenses, lost income, and, in some cases, permanent disability because of work-related injuries and illnesses. If you were hurt while working on an assembly line, you may have the right to compensation and other benefits.

A Boston assembly line injury lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and provide guidance about how to effectively seek the compensation you deserve after a workplace injury. A qualified workers’ compensation attorney could, specifically, review the facts of your case and present a strong claim to the appropriate parties.

Types of Factory Injuries

Although jobs and manufacturing processes differ from place to place, certain types of risks are common to assembly line workers in many industries. Assembly line injuries can be the result of a sudden accident. For example, dangerous assembly line machinery can crush or maim a victim.

More often, however, assembly line injuries involve repetitive stress injuries that develop over time. An example of this is carpal tunnel syndrome, which causes debilitating pain and immobility in the wrists and hands.

Overexertion from constant movement or bending and lifting can also cause harm over a long period of time. Some types of chemical exposures also cause injuries over time while others cause sudden and dramatic harm to the lungs, skin, or eyes.

Regardless of the type of injury or how it occurs, state laws provide support for workers who are hurt on the job. For workers with questions about their legal rights after a workplace injury or illness, a skilled Boston assembly line injury lawyer is available to help.

Legal Protections for Injured Assembly Line Workers

Injured workers may have the right to bring a claim under the Massachusetts workers’ compensation system. The first step in this process is to report the injury to the employer. Even if the injury seems minor, symptoms and complications from small incidents can worsen over time. Thus, reporting an injury right away can be important to a worker’s ability to make a future claim.

Following a workplace injury, workers need to obtain full and appropriate medical attention. Although an employer can require an initial evaluation from its preferred practitioner, employees have the right to seek treatment from the doctor of their choice as long as they accept workers’ compensation insurance. This doctor will then determine the employee’s course of treatment along with when he or she is anticipated to be able to safely return to work.

Benefits of Hiring a Qualified Boston Assembly Line Injury Attorney

Too often, employers and their insurance companies are reluctant to pay the full value of an injury claim or may delay providing all the benefits that are due. As such, if you were injured in an assembly line accident, you should seek the advice of a Boston assembly line worker. A lawyer could help workers navigate the workers’ compensation system to seek the compensation to which they may be entitled.

To do so, a lawyer can investigate your workplace injury and zealously advocate for your legal rights. To learn more about the ways in which a Boston assembly line injury lawyer could help you in your time of need, call today.