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Companies in Massachusetts and around the country rely on large trucks to move their products wherever they need to go. Unfortunately, these trucks are highly prone to causing accidents that can severely injure the occupants of passenger vehicles.

In fact, it is rare that a truck accident does not total the other cars involved and leave the people inside with serious injuries. Whenever the driver of that truck or their parent company acts in a negligent manner that causes such an accident, they can be held responsible to compensate any injured person for their losses.

A Boston truck accident lawyer could represent your interests if you are injured in a truck accident. They work to conduct an independent investigation of the incident, to analyze the actions of all people involved, and to deal with the insurance companies so that you can get your life back on track.
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How a Truck Driver May Be Negligent

Truck drivers assume the same duty to protect all other people they encounter on the road as all other motorists. This duty extends to other drivers, their passengers, and even pedestrians. Any action taken by the truck driver that breaches this duty and causes an injury could be held up as an example of negligence.

Plaintiffs in truck accident cases can prove negligence in a number of ways, the simplest of which is to obtain a police report that cites the truck driver for breaking a rule of the road. If a truck driver breaks the law, and this violation results in an accident, the law assumes that the truck driver was negligent. This concept of negligence per se can make some claims against negligent truck drivers relatively easy.

If the trucker is not cited for breaking a law, a plaintiff may need to investigate how long the truck driver was on the road for the day prior to the incident. They may also need to speak with witnesses concerning the positioning of the vehicles and actions taken by the trucker that led to the accident. A Boston truck accident attorney could take the lead in investigating an incident to prove that a trucker’s poor driving caused the accident in question.

Finding Fault in a Trucking Company

A truck driver who causes an accident is always a defendant in a truck accident lawsuit. However, that trucker’s employer may also be a defendant if they took actions that placed the plaintiff at risk of injury.

There are strict federal regulations that determine how the trucking industry must conduct business. Among other requirements, vehicles cannot exceed pre-specified maximum weight limits, drivers cannot exceed a certain number of hours a week on the road, and cargo must be properly secured.

A failure to follow any of these regulations places others at a greater risk of injury. If an investigation reveals that this violation of the law led to the accident, both the truck driver and their parent company could be held responsible for the injuries that result. A truck accident lawyer in Boston could help a client identify all possible defendants to maximize their potential compensation.

Talk to a Boston Truck Accident Attorney Today

Truck accidents can result in serious injuries that require extensive medical care, cause great economic losses, and permanently affect your quality of life. When a trucker or their parent company are legally negligent, they are at-fault for any ensuing accident and can be held responsible to pay for the damage that they cause.

A Boston truck accident lawyer stands ready to fight for you. They work to investigate the cause of the accident, gather evidence, and help you make a settlement demand that outlines the defendant’s negligence and demands appropriate compensation.

Plaintiffs are only able to file a case within three years after the accident under Mass Gen. Law ch. 260 §2A, so time may be running short in your case. Contact an attorney today to let them get to work for you.

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