Motorcycle Defects and Recalls in Boston

A motorcycle defect involves a defect in the construction, assembly, or manufacturing of a motorcycle. If there is a defect, a recall of the model of the motorcycle would be issued. Victims who have sustained injury should feel the need to hold the makers of the defective motorcycle accountable.

If you have suffered injury due to a defective motorbike that was recalled, reach out to an attorney to determine your eligibility for compensation.

How Does a Manufacturer Determine When a Recall Should be Issued?

A manufacturer would make the determination whether a motorcycle part or an entire motorcycle model should be recalled based on the volume of similar accidents. If there is a pattern that can be established and the common link to the cause of the accidents is a specific part or component, then that is something that is not unique to one or a handful of motorcycles.

Requirement to Notify Boston Consumers of a Recall

A manufacturer is required to notify consumers of recalls. They must provide customers with notification of the recall, the purpose of the recall, and the danger associated with the part, component, or system in question is being recalled. They should also inform the customer of what to do in response of the recall to have the defective part, component, or system replaced so that they can continue to operate the motorcycle in a safe manner.

Liability on Part of the Manufacturer

Liability on the part of manufacturer plays into motorcycle recalls. If it is determined that the cause of the motorcycle accident was something inherent with the motorcycle itself, and was not caused by operator error, and the motorcycle accident occurred because of something inherently wrong with the motorcycle itself, they can have an expert engineer examine the motorcycle and review the way the motorcycle accident happened. An expert witness could help determine which systems and components of the motorcycle could have played a role in creating the conditions that caused the motorcycle accident. They could also identify how that could have been avoided with some change in the component or system.

Using a Product After a Recall is Announced

If someone is injured using the product after a recall has been announced, the motorcycle manufacturer could still be held responsible. However, there might be an issue involving whether the owner of the motorcycle neglected to heed the recall and bring the bike to the appropriate repair shop where the defective system or component could be replaced.

Speak with a Boston Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you have suffered injury due to a defective motorbike that was eventually issued for a recall, you may be able to obtain compensation with the help of an injury attorney. With a lawyer willing to advocate on your behalf, you may be able to hold the motorcycle manufacturer accountable for your injuries. In addition, an attorney could help with the calculation of damages owed as well as who else may be at-fault for your accident. Schedule a consultation today to get started.