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Massachusetts has some of the strictest laws protecting victims of dog bites in the United States.  These are called strict liability laws, and under these laws, victims may be eligible for compensation, even if it is the very first time that the dog has been involved in an attack.

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Who Is Liable for a Dog Bite Injury in Boston?

In Boston, a person who has suffered injuries in a dog bite attack can hold the owner of the dog responsible for his injuries.  He can do so even if it was the dog’s first attack.  The owner will be held liable even if he had no previous knowledge about the dog’s vicious tendencies.  However, exceptions may be made in those cases where the victim was found to be trespassing the property leading to the attack, or if he was found teasing or tormenting or abusing the animal.

However, state laws are extremely protective of children who have suffered injuries in a dog bite attack in Boston.  Children are some of the biggest victims of dog bites in the United States.  Out of the approximately 4.5 million dog bites in the country every year, a majority involve children below the age of 5.  Under state law, if a child has been injured by a dog bite in Boston, it is presumed that the child was not teasing, or tormenting the dog and was not trespassing at the time.  In such cases, the burden of proof will be upon the defendant or the owner of the dog to rebut the presumption.

Most dog lovers and dog bite attorneys agree on one thing – in most dog bite cases, the animal is not to blame.  Responsible dog ownership can prevent many of the millions of dog bite injuries that occur every year.  Unfortunately, far too many people buy a dog without having the resources to invest in training the dog, or the time to spend in socializing the dog to help it adjust to new people and situations.

As a result, the dog is not socialized, and has not been trained to respond appropriately to other human beings.  Moreover, dogs need plenty of exercise, and can become frustrated if they’re chained to a yard all day long.  A dog owner must also invest in proper restraint systems and security for the dog to reduce the risk that the dog will escape from the compound.

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