Boston Car Accidents are on the Rise

Many people might assume that due to Boston’s stay-at-home order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, local car accidents would have declined. Unfortunately, more people died in car accidents on Massachusetts roads in April than during the same period last year. Authorities have cited speed as a factor in increased car accidents.

In April 2020, 28 people died in car accidents, compared with 27 deaths in motor vehicle crashes in April 2019 when traffic was not reduced due to stay-at-home orders. In many of the car accidents, drivers were cited as using excessive speed and distracted driving. Of the 28 people who died in car accidents, 18 people died while operating a motor vehicle. Four of the people who died were passengers and two were motorcyclists.

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Two Individuals Died in a Wellesley Crash

Police in Wellesley, Massachusetts responded to a car accident that left two people dead and one person injured. The crash happened around 7:30 p.m. When police arrived at the scene, they found a heavily damaged white pickup truck with two passengers trapped inside, according to Wellesley police. Law enforcement suspects that the truck was using excessive speed when on Route 9 and that the truck veered off the road and struck a stone wall. One man who was thrown from the truck was pronounced dead at the scene. Another man died after being transported to the hospital.

An Armed Robbery at a Farm Ends in a Police Chase

Walpole law enforcement chased down a suspect in an armed robbery early Monday morning. Police responded to an armed robbery that took place with a gun at Cumberland Farms on Route 1A. The suspect was wearing a black mask that covered his face when he robbed a Cumberland Farms store at gunpoint. The suspects fled from the police and drove off in a car. They crashed their car into a median and began fleeing from the police on foot. The police chase resulted in a dangerous car accident.

Man Dies in Cape Cod Car Accident

On April 16th, a 25-year-old man died in a car accident in Bourne, Massachusetts. As with many fatal car accidents in the Boston area, police believe that the driver might have been using excessive speed when the car accident occurred. The car accident happened around midnight on Clay Pond Road and Small Street. The driver drove off the road and then hit a bolder. The impact caused the car to roll over and collide into a tree. Neighbors heard the car accident and called the police.

An ER Nurse Saves the Life of a Man Involved in an Accident

A Winchester nurse who was off-duty pulled her car over when she saw a serious Boston car accident. She had just finished her shift and was driving home when she came across a serious vehicle incident on the southbound side of Interstate 93. She noticed two police officers standing over a man who was splayed out on the road and appeared to be unresponsive.

The nurse slowed down, stated she was an emergency room nurse, and asked if anyone needed help. They answered affirmatively. She checked for a pulse and did not feel one. She quickly started giving the car accident victim CPR. After about 12 minutes of receiving CPR, the driver’s pulse came back. When the EMS arrived to take him to the hospital, the car accident victim was awake. He even responded to questions and said that he felt great.

Many have praised the emergency room nurse who stopped and helped the seriously injured car accident victim. If she had not started giving him CPR, he might have died on the side of the road. The nurse stated that during the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to celebrate the small victories. Focusing on small victories gives us hope for the future. The car accident victim is now recovering at Boston Medical Center where medical professionals expect him to make a full recovery.

A Crash Caused a Pedestrian’s Serious Injuries

On May 11, a grey Toyota SUV crashed into a telephone pole on East Bridgewater. Local police and firefighters responded to news of the crash just after 4:45 p.m. Those who called the accident stated that a pedestrian was struck by a motor vehicle. The driver was a 73-year-old man from Bridgewater.

The driver of the SUV collided with a 68-year-old pedestrian. As a result of the car accident, the utility pole was destroyed and the pedestrian suffered serious injuries. EMT responders transported the victim via an ambulance to a Boston hospital. They considered the pedestrian’s injuries to be serious, but not life-threatening. The driver suffered minor injuries and was also transported to a local hospital.

Local police closed off the area where the crash took place. Crews worked quickly to repair the damage to the utility pole. Law enforcement stated that the crash is currently under investigation. The driver will likely face charges for the serious pedestrian-car accident. Our Boston failure to yield accident lawyers can help you through this if you were hit by a driver’s failure to yield.

Boston Driver Kills a Bicyclist of Massachusetts Avenue

On April 22, a driver collided with a bicyclist on the corner of Massachusetts and Harrison Avenues. The driver remained on the scene. A witness to the pedestrian accident reported that a second hit-and-run driver might have been involved in the accident. News photographs from the scene showed that the police had stopped a large flatbed truck near the crash site. The entire length of Massachusetts Avenue has been declared a threat to public safety by the City of Boston due to the high number of car accidents that take place there.

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