Contacting a Boston Car Accident Attorney

Injury victims are often unsure where to turn after a car accident. Medical bills can add up quickly and insurance companies can become difficult to work with over time. Fortunately, compensation may be available with the help of a dedicated car wreck lawyer.

If you need assistance with your car accident case, contacting a Boston car accident attorney should be your next step. A lawyer could sit down with you and discuss your situation. He or she could provide sound advice on your legal options and handle all the details of your case while you recover from your injuries.

Importance of Calling a Lawyer Immediately

It is important to contact an attorney early on in a Boston car accident case so that the attorney can do an investigation while the evidence is fresh and the scene is unchanged. There might even be physical evidence at the scene of the accident, such as damage done to a traffic light or a guardrail. It is also important for the lawyer to identify witnesses and obtain statements from them while their memories are fresh.

Contacting an attorney as soon as possible could also allow the lawyer to identify all potential insurance companies to try and fully compensate the victims for the injuries that he or she sustained. If an accident victim is unrepresented, he or she is open to being contacted by insurance adjusters who might try and unscrupulously put pressure on him or her to accept a lowball settlement offer. By contacting an attorney early on, the insurance company cannot communicate with him or her directly or put unfair pressure on him or her to make a decision that may not be in his or her best interest.

Important Considerations When Contacting a Car Collision Attorney

When considering contacting a Boston car accident attorney, it is important to research the lawyer. It is helpful to look at the website and consider if he or she specializes in car collision claims or if the attorney is more of a general practitioner. There are many types of lawyers and if a person has been injured in a car wreck, he or she should want to be represented by someone with experience in that particular area of the law.


Accident victims want to see how much experience that the attorney has, what type of track record the attorney has, and what type of rating the attorney has from various associations, such as Martindale-Hubbell. He or she will also want to see what other individuals say about the lawyer and check out client reviews on Google. He or she should consider searching on Google, Avvo, or other rating websites.


When accident victims contact lawyers and speak with the attorney, he or she should consider the overall experience of the legal professional. Are all the staff members pleasant and polite? Is it easy to contact the firm to reach a person right away or are there long holds with some automated answering service? How quickly were they able to schedule an appointment? Is the attorney concerned about his or her particular matter? Does the attorney allow them to speak or does the attorney just talk over to him or her?

Reach out to a Car Wreck Lawyer in Boston

If you were injured in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, your next step should be contacting a Boston car accident attorney. You want to be represented by an attorney who is experienced, confident, and knowledgeable in personal injury.  You also want someone who is easy to access, responsive, and trustworthy. You may be with this lawyer for up three years, so you want to be with somebody who cares about you and who you feel comfortable handling your case. Call today to set up an initial consultation.