Appealing a Boston Car Accident Case

Upon suffering injuries relating to a car crash, your first wish may be to hold those accountable for your crash accountable for their disregard for your safety. However, not all injury suits are successful. If you have been left in this precarious situation, contact a knowledgeable attorney about appealing a Boston car accident case. A lawyer could review the circumstances of your trial and help you prepare a convincing argument which could potentially overturn a judge’s previous decision.

When to Appeal a Crash Crash Case

When appealing a Boston car accident case, the plaintiff should be able to demonstrate that the trial judge committed a reversible legal error such as a decision concerning a matter of evidence they were seeking to admit. Other examples of legal errors committed by a judge may be in regards to an objection to witness testimony or a piece of documentary evidence that was denied by the judge to be presented.

Process for Appealing a Boston Auto Wreck Case

A verdict can be appealed by filing a notice of appeal. The appeal would be filed with the trial court and then entered in the Appeals Court, scheduled by the Appeals Court for when appellate briefs would be due. There would then be a date scheduled for presenting oral arguments at the Massachusetts Appeals Court before a panel of three appellate judges. The appealing party would then be able to present oral arguments first, followed by the other party. There would then be a brief period for rebuttal, and then the court would issue a decision.

Length of Time it Would Take to File an Appeal

The length of an appeal varies depending on the schedule of the Appeals Court, at what level of appeal the case is, and whether it is an interlocutory appeal. Depending on which, it could take more than a year for it to be filed, processed, and scheduled for court. In addition, depending on the number of parties involved, a case may take longer than usual. An appeal could also prove to be lengthy if there is an issue regarding a set-precedent at the Appeals Court level for the accident.

What Happens After Losing an Appeal?

If a case loses at the Appeals Court, it is possible to apply for further appellate review to the Supreme Judicial Court. That could be done if the accident attorney feels the Appeals Court got it wrong and that its decision was legally wrong. However, if the Supreme Judicial Court denies the case, the case would end.

Contact an Attorney Today

When your case for obtaining compensation for your damages has been denied, you may have given up hope on recovering the compensation you believe is owed to you. Luckily, there may be a chance of overturning a judge’s decision if you could prove that they made a costly error. However, to do so, it may be best to retain the services of a trusted attorney. Not all appeals are successful, but by hiring a lawyer to help you with appealing a Boston car accident case, your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome may dramatically increase.