Seven People Hurt in Dorchester Bus Accident

Early Thursday morning, seven people were injured in a bus crash in Uphams Corner in Dorchester. The crash occurred when a car collided with an MBTA bus in the middle of a traffic intersection at the corner of Columbia Road and Dudley Street.

Boston EMS Lieutenant Patrick Rose said that seven people were transported to local hospitals following the incident, but their injuries were noted as minor. Local authorities are still investigating the crash, but the cause seems to be associated with a car failing to stop at a red light and impacting a bus operating on T bus line 15.

As this incident shows, following the rules of the road yourself may still not be enough to mitigate the risk of getting in an accident. Drivers run red lights and stop signs all the time, which leads to car and bus accidents in Dorchester and across the state of Massachusetts.

A report from last year indicated a disturbing trend in automobile accidents across the state. Since 2013, Massachusetts traffic deaths are up an estimated 46 percent, in large part due to factors such as distracted driving. Specifically, the report mentions the dangers cell phones pose for drivers checking their texts or email instead of abiding by traffic regulations designed to keep other drivers safe.

When a driver is paying attention to something other than the road, they often overlook important traffic signals and cause serious auto wrecks. While your options to protect yourself against drivers who run stop signals may be limited, you can take a strong step towards protecting your and your loved ones’ best interests by hiring a qualified and experienced car accident lawyer.

When another driver’s negligence causes damages and suffering, it can often be difficult to make sense of a case and start assembling an argument for compensation. Let a local car accident attorney help you through every step of the process to recovering damages, so you and your loved ones can begin to move on after an accident. To contact a qualified attorney and get started on your case, click here.