Proposed Federal Regulation May Reduce Truck Rollover Accidents

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has proposed a new federal safety regulation.  The new regulation would require large commercial trucks and buses to have electronic stability control (ESC) systems.  The NHTSA estimates that the installation of ESC in large trucks and buses could reduce rollever crashes by more than half each year.

ESC systems are a common safety feature in passenger vehicles.  Requiring manufacturers of large trucks and buses to include ESC systems as part of their vehicles’ standard safety systems is a first.

Critics of “federal regulations” in general may oppose the proposed safety regulation in a knee jerk manner.  However, who could deny the danger from tractor trailer rollover accidents when, it seems, we hear of another truck rolloever accident each day on the local news as we prepare for our morning commute?  Apart from the public safety concern, truck rollovers cause a tremendous economic impact to state and local governments — not to mention the economic impact to local business whose employees are stuck in miles of backed up traffic due to a rollover that could have been prevented if the truck had an ESC system.

Even if the new safety regulation is implemented and ESC systems are made standard features in all large trucks and buses, safety rests with the individual driver who must ensure that he or she follows the rules of the road.

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