A Car Company that Failed its Consumers

Key in IgnitionThe scandal with General Motors is continuing to grow. Per the New York Times, the car corporation has recently hired an experienced attorney in the field of disaster payouts, and the Chief Executive Officer of G.M., Mary Barra, stated that she was considering paying damages for victims of the defective ignition switches. The situation is particularly difficult because it seems that the company may be protected from paying settlements due to their bankruptcy agreement. Rather than waiting to determine whether you have the ability to receive a settlement, you should visit an attorney who may help you decipher ways to receive what you deserve.

How much did General Motors Know?

Ms. Barra has stated that the actions for General Motors are unacceptable and disturbing, but she has not guaranteed that a fund will be available for the victims and loves ones of victims who suffered due to these accidents. Even now, the company is still refusing to provide information about why G.M failed to repair faulty ignitions on their cars, despite internal studies of the problem since 2001. They also have refused to acknowledge their responsibility as Ms. Barra declined to say that the corporation was responsible.

You cannot count on any car company to do what is right. General Motors had information about some type of problem with their cars since 2001 and did not have a recall for years. The committee presented Ms. Barra with information that G.M. did not attempt to alter the switch earlier due to cost considerations, although a 2005 document from a G.M official showed that it would cost an additional 90 cents. You cannot count on a company that allegedly puts its profit line before their consumers’ health to compensate you or your loved one adequately for your suffering.

The Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

This is another important reason to engage an attorney. One cannot rely on the automobile company to reveal information when it may have been responsible for injury or death. A lawyer will be able to investigate and engage experts that can determine to what extent the company may be liable and if there are any loopholes that could make the company pay for their mistakes. Rather than relying on a possible settlement from a corporation that seeks to limit its payout, a lawyer will do what is in your best interest.

A Law Firm Experienced in Auto Accidents

If you or a loved one were in a car accident and think that defective equipment may be partially responsible, you should contact the Sheehan Law Firm. They have experience in auto accidents and will not stop fighting until they have done everything possible to assist you in your claim. Unfortunately, when car accidents arise, one can never be sure of the role that driver error played and to what degree defective equipment may be responsible. If you have doubts about a car accident, contacting a law firm will enable you to have peace of mind regarding what transpired.

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