5 Signs You Should Call a Workers Compensation Attorney in Boston

Just because you are injured on the job doesn’t mean your employer will happily start mailing you workers compensation checks. In fact, over half of workers injured while performing their job will need the assistance of a Boston workers compensation lawyer to obtain the money they rightfully deserved.

Your Employer Insists You Must Visit a Physician of His/Her Choice

Injured on the job in Boston - 5 signs you need a workers compensation attorneySome companies neglect to ensure their facilities are safe places in which to work. Consequently, employers who suffer above-average employee injuries and know these injuries are due to their negligence may try to force workers hurt on the job to visit “their” doctors. In Boston, injured employees seeking workers compensation are allowed to receive medical treatment from the doctor of their choice. Employers are not permitted to force you to visit specific doctors.

Your Employer Refuses to Pay for ALL Job-Related Accidents Resulting in Injury

The Massachusetts workers compensation law states that employers are responsible for paying for hospital visits, emergency care, lab tests, medications and follow-up physician visits related to on-the-job accidents. Chapter 152 statutes also entitles injured employees to receive no less than 60 percent of their average weekly pay.

Your Employer is Challenging the Necessity of Your Medical Treatments

While most employers do not question the extent of an injured employee’s medical services, some simply do not want to pay higher insurance premiums due to a workers compensation claim. Don’t let your employer intimidate you into accepting much less than what you legally deserve. You need your medical treatments and should not go without proper health care because of someone else’s negligence. Contact a Boston personal injury attorney who specializes in handling workman’s compensation cases and will aggressively pursue your claim in court.

You Do Not Receive Your Workmans Compensation Checks in a Timely Manner

After five days have passed during which time you were unable to work and make your full wage, your employee then has seven days (not including holidays or Sundays) to report your injury to their insurance company. Your employer’s insurance agency has 14 calendar days from the time the injury was reported to mail a check or inform you they intend to fight your claim. You can also file an Employee Claim Form 110 any time following your injury. However, be aware that the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents cannot process the 110 claim form until 30 days after the initial report of your disability.

You Tried to Go Back to Work After Collecting Workmans Compensation But Could Not Continue Working. However, Your Benefits Have Not Been Resumed

Workers compensation laws in Boston states that if liability is established and an employee returns to work for less than 28 days but cannot continue working, the employer’s insurance company must resume paying that employee. If this has happened to you, a Boston personal injury lawyer can help you get your workers compensation benefits reinstated.

Contact A Boston Workers Compensation Law Office Today

Boston attorney John J. Sheehan has extensive experience successfully litigating workers compensation cases in Boston, as well as all other personal injury lawsuits. Call to schedule a free consultation about your workmans’ compensation claim today. Unless you win your case, you pay no fees. If necessary, an attorney will travel to your location to complete your consultation.

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