Pedestrian Car Accident

Pedestrian was crossing street in crosswalk when hit by car. Elderly driver never applied brakes. Force of the impact hurled pedestrian onto the front lawn of a nearby house. Pedestrian suffered multiple life-threatening injuries including concussion, closed head trauma with laceration requiring staples, T3 vertebral body fracture, L4 bilaterally and L5 left transverse process fractures, T4 rib head fracture, right superior and left inferior pubic ramus, highly comminuted and displaced proximal left femur fracture, right thigh 30-40 cm laceration, fracture to the left and right sacrum with right S1 joint diastasis, left thigh hematoma, comminuted displaced fractures of the distal right tibia and fibula diaphysis extending into the second carpometacarpal joint and left heel laceration. Police investigated the accident, took extensive photographs and measurements and determined that the elderly driver was negligent and fully at fault. Pedestrian settled her bodily injury claim and underinsured motorist benefits claim for full policy limits of $500,000 combined for both claims.