Expert Witnesses in Cambridge Car Accident Cases

Presenting an auto accident is always easier when you have witnesses willing to testify on your behalf. However, in some cases, it may prove more beneficial to hire individuals who posses a specialized type of knowledge. For example, in order to explain how you received specific injuries in your accident, you would probably hire a medical expert to assist you with your case. For more information regarding expert witnesses in Cambridge car accident cases, be sure to consult with a knowledgeable injury attorney today.

What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is a witness who has some specialized knowledge beyond the knowledge of ordinary people concerning some evidentiary element that is presented in a jury trial. The purpose of hiring an expert witness is to help the jury understand the evidence and reach a conclusion based on the expert’s specialized knowledge in a field that is outside the knowledge of ordinary laypeople.

Different Types of Specialized Witnesses in Cambridge

There could be other types of experts. There might be engineers or accident reconstruction experts who would testify about the laws of physics involved in the case and how the accident happened the way it did, based on a review of the vehicles involved.

Experts may vary depending on the type of cases. For auto accident cases, specialized witnesses frequently hired may include:

  • Engineers
  • Accident reconstruction experts
  • Vocational experts

Engineers and accident reconstruction experts may be able to shed light on the laws of physics involved in the case and how the accident happened the way it did based on a review of the vehicle involved. There could be other experts such as vocational experts, who would testify about the impacts that the injuries have had on the plaintiff’s ability to engage in gainful employment or work. The defendant may present a vocational expert to argue that the plaintiff is employable, can work and, therefore, their lost wage claim is not supported by the evidence.

Qualifying as an Expert in an Auto Wreck Case

In order for a witness to be trusted to provide detailed analysis regarding a highly technical aspect of an auto accident case, they should be widely considered experts in their respective fields. In some cases, they would have to show that they had the requisite education needed for somebody in that field to study. For example, a medical doctor would have to show that they attended and graduated medical school, that they have a medical license, a license to practice medicine, and that they have experience either in research or in clinical practice that is in the same field as the medical issues that will be presented and offered in evidence.

If an expert’s knowledge is challenged, then the court may allow the challenging side to examine and ask questions of the expert to help the judge make a determination whether this proposed expert witness has the requisite knowledge and experience to make them an expert.

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If you have been injured in an auto accident case, you may be struggling with presenting an injury claim. Luckily, an attorney with experience in dealing with auto accidents in the Cambridge area could provide you with the legal help necessary for crafting a convincing case. A lawyer could also assist you with the hiring of expert witnesses in Cambridge car accident cases. To get started on your case today, be sure to schedule a consultation today.