What to Do After an On-The-Job Injury in Boston

Workers’ compensation is meant to protect workers who are injured on the job. If an individual suffers a serious injury at work that requires them to seek medical treatment, then they may be eligible for workers’ compensation. Due to the severity of their injury, an individual may be unable to work.

Following an accident, individuals may not know what to do after an on-the-job injury in Boston. Injured workers should speak to a seasoned workers’ compensation attorney to learn about the various steps they should take immediately after getting injured at work. En Español.

Steps to Take Immediately After an Accident

Many people are unsure of what to do after an on-the-job injury in Boston. After an accident, the worker should report the injury immediately to his or her supervisor and make sure that the accident is documented. He or she should ask the supervisor to fill out an accident report. If the company or the supervisor does not do that, then the injured worker should document the accident himself, even if it is just sending an email or writing a letter or memo confirming the time, place, manner of the accident. The injured worker should keep a copy in case the company loses the accident report and claims that it never received it.

Preserving Evidence

If there are witnesses to the accident, the injured worker should get their full name and contact information. They should take a photo of the area where they got hurt. Also, injured workers should photograph the machine, equipment, vehicle, or any blood in the area. If they are unable to photograph and document the scene, they should ask someone to do it for them.

Seek Medical Treatment

Immediately after an accident, injured works seek medical treatment. When they go to the emergency room or speak with a medical provider for the first time, they should give a full description of exactly what happened and make sure the doctor or the nurse records the exact manner in which they were injured.

Many problems could arise when accidents are not reported right away. Problems arise when the medical records might differ in describing the manner and way that the injured worker was injured. This could be the result of an inattentive nurse or physician assistant. They should fully describe why they are in the emergency room or the doctor’s office and how the injury occurred. They should be very specific when describing exactly when they got hurt, how they got hurt, and the fact that the injury occurred at work.

Injured individuals should then ask for disability notes if the doctor says that they should not work because of the injury. He or she should keep a copy of the note and give a copy to the company. If an individual is unable to work due to an injury, he or she should consult a lawyer experienced in workers’ comp right away to seek full benefits without delay.

Guide to Workers’ Compensation

The Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents publishes a guide to workers’ compensation benefits and the workers’ compensation claim system to employees. They publish the guide in multiple languages. It is on the DIA website. When their work accident is reported to the Department of Industrial Accidents, they send out an informational packet to the employee that includes the guide.

However, given the complicated issues involving workers’ compensation claims, it is always best to consult with an experienced lawyer to understand the complicated rules and procedures of workers’ compensation.

How An Attorney Could Help

When an accident occurs at work, serious injuries could cause an employee to be unable to work. Often, when an injury occurs, injured workers may be worried about paying their bills. Fortunately, a knowledgeable attorney could help injured workers if they do not know what to do after an on-the-job injury in Boston. They could provide advice on preserving evidence, where to find worker’s comp guides and what to say when speaking to your supervisor. They could help ensure your rights are protected and you receive the worker’s compensation benefits you need to move forward.

Call today to learn more about how an attorney could help with your worker’s compensation claim.