Toddler Suffers Serious Personal Injury From Window Fall

A toddler fell 25 feet from a third floor window and suffered serious personal injury. The incident occurred at the Lord Chesterfield Apartments.  According to the Metrowest Daily News, the child climbed up on some object and leaned against the screen of an open window.  The screen gave way, and the child fell to the ground.  The child was taken by ambulance to Children’s Hospital in Boston where he is being treated for his injuries.

Fall from window screens are a known hazard for young children.  According to Science Daily, 5,200 children nationwide were treated for serious injuries resulting from falls from windows from 1990 through 2000.  “This translates to approximately 14 children being injured as the result of a window fall every day in the U.S.” Babies and toddlers are especially at risk for falling from an open window.

Falls from open windows can result in death or serious personal injury to small children including head injury, concussion, traumatic brain injury and fractures.

There are several things that parents can do to prevent their child from falling from a window:

  • Be aware of the risk.  Remember that window screens will not prevent your child from falling through an open window.
  • Avoid placing a bed or furniture near a window on the upper floors of your home where a child may climb.
  • Install window  guards on all windows on the second floor or higher
  • Install window stops to prevent the window from being opened more than 4 inches.

Child injuries from window falls can be prevented.  Parents need to educate themselves about the danger and follow the above tips to reduce the risk to your child of a fall from an open window.  If your child has been seriously injured, you should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to discuss your legal rights.